Samsung TV - Can't Turn On

What worked for me was turning on an option under General - Newtork - (not sure how it’s in english but something like Specific configs) called “turn on with mobile device”. I believe that made the smartthings app turn on the TV.
For alexa, I created a scenario to turn on the TV and that worked.

You sir, are a genius - with a slight modification to your instructions, my TV can now be turned on with my Google Hub.

What I don’t get however, is how your workaround, well works and turns on my TV no problem, but the official SmartThing apps (classic and new) won’t allow me to turn on my TV from the built in controls!!! Talk about f**king useless Samsung!

No one holds the juggernaut to task. They’ll just make another TV. I actually think this is Samsung way of forcing people into using Smarthings app. It works fine turning on and off from there.

And now we are near the end of 2020, SmartThings has been updated , the TV software has been updated but apart from the removal of some other functionality, nothing has changed. How can Samsung continue to ignore this?. I will not be buying another Samsung TV.


No, no, no …
I bought one new Samsung N4300 (2020) and don’t turn-on with the app …
When I turn-off, after any seconds the tv disconnect wifi and I have the option “turn on with mobile device” select …

This is absolutely ridiculous. I just don’t have the time at the moment, but I don’t suppose that anybody has the energy for some kind of class action? It’s sold as working with these functions and they simply don’t work. It should be pretty cut and dry.

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From what i understand there are EU Power Saving regulations that mean consumer TV devices must go to the lowest power state when in standby. This means turning off everything including Wifi and Wired NIC’s.

Here is some info

Network-connected standby devices

Modern appliances are increasingly connected to the internet during standby mode, consuming higher amounts of energy. This includes networked televisions and decoders, printers, game consoles and modems.

  • Specific requirements for network-connected standby devices were introduced in 2013.
  • Since January 2017 networked standby devices must not consume more than 3 to 12 Watts depending on the product.

This compares to 20 to 80 Watts previously. This decrease is expected to save an additional 36-38 TWh

Its entirely possible that the Wifi NIC use keeps the TV above 3W in standby and therefore means it has to turn it off by law

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Yes, it must be so, otherwise doesn’t explain the offline …

I had the same problem with smartings, you can turn off but not on. HERE THE SOLUTION: Go to your TV settings > General > Network > Expert Settings > HERE enable the POWER ON WITH MOVILE option.
Now you can turn on your tv on your phone.

I had the same problem with smartings, you can turn off but not on. HERE THE SOLUTION: Go to your TV settings > General > Network > Expert Settings > HERE enable the POWER ON WITH MOVILE option.
Now you can turn on your tv on your phone…

Not for me ! I have this option enable, but the tv don’t turn-on …

Nor me. But if I select Samsung TV in Airplay list on iPhone, the tv switches on and then status is shown as online in ST app.

Just set up our new Q70T 75” and have had numerous problems. Connected via the smart hub and set everything up. Alexa won’t open Netflix or Prime Video with out saying “Alexa tell the TV to open Netflix”, same thing with Prime. We should be able to say “Alexa open Nextflix” right? She keeps saying we don’t have any enabled video skills when trying to open prime video or Netflix. Also, Alexa won’t turn on the TV (though she will turn it off). Tonight we couldn’t even turn the TV on via the remote without power cycling. We have even use the Samsung remote audio option to ask to show something like romantic movies at times. We are tech savvy and set everything up via the hub and all connections are solid, WiFi is connected to TV as well

This is disappointing for our first TV in 8 years. If Samsung can’t fix this we will be taking this TV back as this is way too much money for this many problems on the first day. We bought this fir the picture and assistants and if the latter doesn’t work reliably it’s hard to justify keeping it.

This was no pain in the butt. You came up with a fantastic answer. I have Alexa discover my TV as a device and I have it named Samsung Television for everything. Then for stuff you can’t do from Alexa routines I have created a few Scenes in SmartThings (thanks to your idea), one for turning on the TV and one for muting and unmuting, etc. Anyway, I just add the scenes to my routines as actions and everything works perfectly. The key is just to give the TV a different name for the scenes than you do for the Alexa skills or routines. For instance, in my scenes my TV is named Samsung TV and in Alexa it is named Samsung Television which is its name in SmartThings. The name you give the scene does not have to be the same as the name of the device. But anyway, I wanted to thank you personally because your idea has given me full control over my TV now. also if anyone needs help getting Alexa to control everything on an LG Wifi A/C unit, let me know. I have Alexa able to change every setting on the A/C which was not a walk in the park. But thank you again.

Just to be clear, once you create the scenes, you can then do them and everything else from Alexa. You do not have to do some things from SMartthings and some from Alexa. I gathered that some thought you had to do it from both but it is only setup that you have to do from both. Then after that, you do everything from Alexa, from turning the TV on/off, to muting it and changing volume, etc.

You have to set up the “Scene” in the Smartthings app first. For example, I have a scene that I named “The TV”,which I have programmed in smart things to turn on. Then, go into your alexa app and set a skill. For example, alexa, turn on “the tv”. Hope that made sense

I finished it already. I just created scenes for everything that Alexa can’t do by default and then added them in to my routines so I can have the tv turn off and on and mute and unmute or pause a movie and I can have all this done automatically or by command. The only real problem I had was that for some reason the SmartThings app could not find my TV anymore so I had to reset my Samsung hub on the TV and sign back in and let my phone find the TV with Bluetooth. After that, I am able to do anything I want with my tv, and my A/C unit for that matter. I am not a fan of the smart bulbs though, I will tell you that. But anyway, thanks for the idea of creating a scene to get Alexa to turn my TV on.

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No problem. I’m glad you got it to work. Hopefully in the future Samsung will have an update that fixes that issue. Also, smart bulbs can be annoying. If you go with Philips Hue, you will not be disappointed. It is fully integrated with smart things and alexa. They can be expensive, but you get what you pay for

Thank you. I am saving this email for once I get moved. I appreciate the headsup.

ing a terrible time with my new Samsung Q 70 T. Alexa will not turn on the TV, nor will she open applications such as Netflix or prime video. She does not recognize any installed applications like sling or spectrum TV. I have contacted Samsung and smart things and have received no solution. I contacted Alexa support to make sure it was nothing on their end and they said SmartThings is responsible for enabling the commands and Alexa is only the middle person. Alexa keeps saying that we don’t have any enabled video skills when we ask her to perform simple commands such as opening Netflix. The TV actually turned on one time when we asked Alexa to turn it on and I was surprised.

We have the smart things app and Alexa installed properly, the TV is named TV, we have enabled everything we need to. It seems SmartThings it’s just not reliable. Is there any fix or update coming? It’s disappointing to not be able to utilize the intuitive features of the television. Currently we are going to take this television back and purchase a different Manufacture since the smart things and Alexa was a huge deal to us.

Edit: We have had some luck saying, “Alexa open Netflix or prime video on Samsung TV”. But we have to see it specifically like that or it will not open. I created a scene but it still won’t turn on. If I tap the scene button it works only.