Samsung The Frame TV in CoRE?

I’m already controlling my 2020 Samsung The Frame TV in my SmartThings app. That’s not a problem.

I’m using Art Mode, of course, and I want to control some lights when I turn the TV on. So I need to read the mode/status of the TV, so CoRE can react on that.
But when I look in IDE, the default Thing has almost no information about the TV.
I have tried to change to “Samsung OCF TV” and “Samsung 2016” device handler, which gave a lot more information, BUT does not look like it’s provide what state/status/ mode the TV is in.

Does any know how can I in CoRE read the TVs state to act on it? Do I need another Device Handler?

If “TV state” != “Art Mode” and “TV state” != “Off”
Then …

Best Regards Simon

First do you mean WebCoRE? Core is lobg not supported anymore.

Second, unless Samsung exposed that attribute to Groovy you wont be able to. Just create an if statement in WebCoRE with the tv as the object and youll quickly see what it supports and what you can read.


It’s the old CoRE I’m still using.

When I select the capability, there is not an “Object” in the list. Is it called something else?

What Im talking about is when you target a device in WebCoRE (You REALLY need to get off that old version, take the time and do the upgrade - very few of us even remember what the old CORE UI still looks like and there’s plenty of stuff wrong with it that wont ever be fixed)

After you select your device in a trigger or condition, the dropdown on the far right will tell you what you can compare or trigger on… I don’t have one of those TVs so I’ll use one of my smokes - like this:

For this device, I can look at battery, CO, Smoke, Power source, and a whole slew of status attributes. Install WebCoRE, create a piston, put in an IF statement - use your TV as the device and see what pops up in the dropdown.

At the end of the day, I’m willing to bet money you WILL NOT find that mode. I doubt you’ll find more than power… The only way you’ll know for sure is to try.