Samsung staying in the Vacuum Game?

Does anyone know if Samsung is getting out of the vacuum market? They just recently put their top of line vacuums on a huge sale?

Make me think they are either leaving the market, or rolling out something brand new. Since the AI+ was pretty recent, makes me wonder what they are doing. I saw somewhere else they were offering an additional $100 off if you told them about your prior robot vacuum, which makes me think they are doing market research as well. So maybe it is something new on the way.

Wow, 46% off is certainly a clearance-level discount.

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Found that additional $100 discount. It is on that same link, just further into the checkout. They ask you about your old vacuum. So the total discount is $700 for the AI+ (Down from $1299.99 to $599.99)

Same low price on Amazon sans the extra C-note saving.

Thanks for this. What the heck. I ordered one.

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