Samsung Speakers Getting Bricked LIke Sonos Tried in Their Own Misconceived Plan

Have HUNDREDS of dollars invested in Samsung WAM 1500, 3500 and 5500 speakers (R1, R3 and R5) that integrated nicely in the classic app to make custom announcements throughout my house for specified triggers. They CANNOT be added to the new app? Samsung Management, please learn from the h@llstorm that Sonos fell into when they initially said they were bricking their legacy speakers, but then reversed direction after public outcry. There is no reason why after years of new app development that the only speakers that can be added to the new app are Bose and Sonos??? I thought I would always do the right thing by staying aligned “in brand” and now come on, REALLY? Do the right thing and direct your developers to fix this. I have put in feature requests MONTHS ago and no action…take care of your customers and they will take care of you (never forget that).

Shocking? Really? How have all those Samsung cameras worked with SmartThings.

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Are you using a custom DTH with classic to get these speakers to work?

No they cannot be added to the new app. If you select speakers to add in the new app, only Bose and Sonos are available.
I used the standard classic app interface to add them and they work or it may be the fact that I have them aligned to the Samsung multiroom app and it crosses over to the classic app, not certain. All I know is I currently have a version 2 hub that I want to get rid of as I am running everything else in the new app with a Samsung home connect 3 hub system. If I disconnect the V2 hub, the speakers go away with it, hence not usable on the new app. Should be in the selection menu when you try to add speakers in the new app.

If you use the new app with your old location (v2 hub) do you see the speakers in your list of devices? They are added by network discovery. They are missing from the list because they are no longer WWST certified. The speakers are primarily controlled through the multi-room app and that should not impact the function with classic or the SmartThings app. First thing is to try opening your existing install with the new SmartThings app and see if they are available in your list of devices.

Tagging @SamsungZell in on this issue.

Yes they are available as long as the V2 hub is powered up. Wanted to take out the V2 hub in the new app since all my devices are now running with the new app and a Samsung home connect hub system. If I take the V2 hub down the speakers go away and then cant add them back in the new app

All six of my speakers are linked to the V2 hub and were added in the Classic App. So you are saying that I can remove the classic app and the V2 hub and have them available in the new app via the fact that they are also added via the multiroom app for listening to music on them

Just trying to understand what you are thinking……thanks.

Jody is trying to tell you, to open in the new SmartThings app your location with the v2 Hub and check you can see the devices there.

Otherwise you should be able to add without selecting the device from the list, by a generic search, called Scan Nearby, as it should be discovered by network discovery.

Deleted the classic app, then tried to add a spare R1 speaker I have in the new app to either the V2 or the Samsung home connect hubs I have by scanning nearby. Did not find new speaker.

A few things to confirm.

  1. You can keep the Classic and new app at the same time on your phone.
  2. You told you have multiple speakers connected to your v2 Hub. I don’t know your setup, but I guess you have a Samsung account for that and a Location where your v2 Hub assigned to. I guess, when you set up the new Hub, you have a new Location with it, and migrated all of your devices to that Hub, so you have 2 location. Correct me if I am wrong. So what you should do, is in your new app, just change the location to the location which has the speakers connected and you should be able to see, that the speakers are working in the new app. - This is important as you have to confirm that they are working in the new app first, if not then @SamsungZell has to look into it why it is not working in the new app.
  3. For network discovery, make sure that the device is on the same LAN as the Hub, same IP range. Some devices tend to spam the network discovery, so others do go silent meanwhile. With some products it is advised to start the network discovery first and turn on the device after, as when they power on they start to broadcast their details on the network and not going to stay silent.
  1. since the classis app is going away, I would prefer to drop it now.

  2. the only way I have been able to add Samsung R1, R3 or R5 speakers that then became available for verbal notifications in ST is to add the in the old app. Still cannot figure out why Samsung just can’t add these speakers in the new app instead of having just Bose and Sonos speakers as the only brands.

I am not what youean by location unless youean my physical location and yes I have a V2 hub and a three puck Samsung Home Connect system in my home.

Smartthings defines Location, as top level in the Hierarchy. Location has the Hub assigned, or C2C devices and has rooms etc. The Hub has direct connected devices…

Log into the IDE and you will see what I mean.

As I have been staying my location (home) has two hubs a V2 and a set of Samsung home connect hubs. Still trying to figure out what that might mean in this. Thank you for your continued help.

So from the IDE site, here are two of the many Samsung speakers I have. Problem is like I said, I can only add them through the classic app and then they show up in both the new app and the old one. Can’t add them directly in the new app and the classic app is going away so how do I make use of these in the future when I want to add or subtract them when the classic app is gone.

Samsung should make them discoverable in the new app as I have been saying and requesting for over a year now……

Ok. I think, I might have misunderstood your problem due to the dramatic title and OP.

So, you have those speakers working with the new app, but they don’t show up when you try to add them.

You shouldn’t worry about the Classic app going away. It will not going in the near future. So many thing are still missing from the new app.

As it was advised post you issue in this topic.

Otherwise, there shouldn’t be any difference to add devices from Classic or the new app.

And just for your information, what you were referring in the title that is a bit different situation and it was a bold move by Sonos. But these speakers are not getting bricked by a firmware update, they were designed to work with the Multiroom App, and the app is still supported. (Last update at the end of February 2020.)

Otherwise some comments indicate that network discovery might a bit take long.

Oh, just one more thing. You can try this as you have added these devices already to your v2 Hub. Go to the IDE select the device, edit and changed the Hub to your new mesh hubs. Try it is it working or not. Then unplug the v2 Hub and try it again.

So many things are missing from the new app but that does not mean they will add them. I think the whole SmartThings platform is likely going to go away, just cant seen how they make money on it. Samsung never set themselves as the leader in this segment and as such many competitors stepped in. I hope the SmartThings platform does in fact survive, just not certain.

Did you ever get your Samsung R3 speaker working with the new app?

I have one as well, and I’m wondering what I should do next.

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I have 2 R5s, 5 R1s and 2 R3s thought my house. Haven’t been able to get them to work without the classic app configuring them.

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What about this integration, what is actually a SAMSUNG product?

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