Samsung Speakers Getting Bricked LIke Sonos Tried in Their Own Misconceived Plan

Have HUNDREDS of dollars invested in Samsung WAM 1500, 3500 and 5500 speakers (R1, R3 and R5) that integrated nicely in the classic app to make custom announcements throughout my house for specified triggers. They CANNOT be added to the new app? Samsung Management, please learn from the h@llstorm that Sonos fell into when they initially said they were bricking their legacy speakers, but then reversed direction after public outcry. There is no reason why after years of new app development that the only speakers that can be added to the new app are Bose and Sonos??? I thought I would always do the right thing by staying aligned “in brand” and now come on, REALLY? Do the right thing and direct your developers to fix this. I have put in feature requests MONTHS ago and no action…take care of your customers and they will take care of you (never forget that).