Samsung Soundbar that can play audio notifications

All multiroom speakers and soundbars are themselves capable of audio notification. Some notes on soundbars specifically:

I use the HW-MS650 Soundbar and believe the same is true for all WiFi soundbars from 2016 on. The application for generating the Audio Notification is Speaker Companion. It converts the text into an audio link and then sends that url to the speaker (using playSoundAndReume, etc).

a. I use a self-developed Service Manager and Device Handler pair that does the Audio Notification. It also includes 8 presets and supports grouping speakers. For the MS650, set up is easy - but follow instructions. Link: {BETA} Samsung WiFi Soundbar Integration with TTS

b. Standard Integration. The system will attempt to install the LAN SamsungAudio controller. Tested today, this does NOT support Audio Notification. It also does not control the audio.

TextToSpeech versus Audio Notification. Some confusion here by all. Audio Notification plays an audio stream. TextToSpeech converts text to the audio stream then uses audio notification to play the text. If you use the Speaker Companion Smart App, then OK. But using WebCore to sent playTextAndResume directly to the soundbar does not currently work. See notices at link. I am adding on a priority TODAY.