Samsung Soundbar that can play audio notifications

Does Samsung make any soundbar that will give audio notifications like “intrusion detected, basement”?

This shouldn’t be soo hard.

All multiroom speakers and soundbars are themselves capable of audio notification. Some notes on soundbars specifically:

I use the HW-MS650 Soundbar and believe the same is true for all WiFi soundbars from 2016 on. The application for generating the Audio Notification is Speaker Companion. It converts the text into an audio link and then sends that url to the speaker (using playSoundAndReume, etc).

a. I use a self-developed Service Manager and Device Handler pair that does the Audio Notification. It also includes 8 presets and supports grouping speakers. For the MS650, set up is easy - but follow instructions. Link: {BETA} Samsung WiFi Soundbar Integration with TTS

b. Standard Integration. The system will attempt to install the LAN SamsungAudio controller. Tested today, this does NOT support Audio Notification. It also does not control the audio.

TextToSpeech versus Audio Notification. Some confusion here by all. Audio Notification plays an audio stream. TextToSpeech converts text to the audio stream then uses audio notification to play the text. If you use the Speaker Companion Smart App, then OK. But using WebCore to sent playTextAndResume directly to the soundbar does not currently work. See notices at link. I am adding on a priority TODAY.


I don’t think this answers my question at all, and I suspect this is a cut
and paste generic answer. We’re not off to a good start on customer
service side and I am about 1 day from returning this whole system. Again
my question is, What Soundbar from Samsung, will allow me to set it up with
TTS example would be “Patio door opened”, “intrusion detected, basement”?

Dan Niemeier

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Dan, first thing. That was very much not cut and paste.

Second, this is not the customer service department for Samsung, this is a community run site that SmartThings staff happen to frequent. We’re all volunteers and do our best.

Now, that said. There are simply too many devices out there for people to give a list of ‘this works.’ What you are looking for are wireless multiroom audio devices that support the DLNA protocol. If you search your preferred manufacturer for the kind of device you are looking for, then see if the device supports DLNA, (it will be listed under the devices features) then come back here and ask the community something to the effect of “Hey has anyone here ever used XXX as an announcement speaker with SmartThings?” I’m sure you’ll get a ton of responses. Including what works, what doesn’t and what gotchas you need to be aware of. Every manufacturer has thier own quirks and even the stuff that ‘works’ usually requires some tweaking.

Mind you, I’m also looking for a similar class of device and will be read g whatever responses come up.



Some questions for further clarification:
a. What soundbar model do you have?
b. Do you have a SmartThings hub and software?

(Just another user)


Per my personal testing, on Samsung Speakers only.

Audio Notification is typically enabled through the “Speaker Companion” smart application. Suggest you load that app to see the flexibility. That allows you to set trigger events, define canned text or define custom text, and set the speaker to play on. It then sends the command to the speakers device handler.

Test Results (previous reverified today)
Using Super LAN Connect and the LAN Samsung Audio device handler:
a. Radiant 360 R1. Audio Notification works.
b. HW-MS650 Soundbar. Not supported (it will install, but does not have control.

Custom Service Manager and Device Handler (see link in previous message) (cost Free):
a. Radiant 360 R1. Audio Notification works.
b. HW-MS650 Soundbar. Audio Notification works. Exception: Custom text messages not currently working (I am trying to figure out why today).

Differences in two integrations:
The standard integration supports player functions only.
The custom integration adds:
Selecting source (i.e., wifi, bluetooth).
Selecting shuffle and repeat modes
Adding Preset stations (up to 8) using Multiroom App first.
Adding preset groups (up to 3) using Multiroom App.

Other Speakers: SONOS was the original model for the Audio Notification in SmartThings. Which are currently supported ???


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Thanks Nathan. That frustration was supposed to be directed at Samsung and
I did not mean to offend you. Thank you for an answer.


We know, we’ve all been there. Hope you find a good solution. Let us know what you choose and how it works.

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I have a Samsung HwJ7500 soundbar, plays TTS via the Speaker Companion fine, problem is it switched the soundbar from TV mode (sound connect) to WiFi mode which then cuts out audio to whatever you were watching prior. It does not switch back…so annoying.

I assume you are using the LAN SamsungAudio device handler (i.e., the ‘official’ integration). Note that that device handler does not attempt to handle anything related to input source (I examined the exposed capabilities, commands, and attributes). (See bottom of this message for these results).

I am working a fix (I already can recover in my own device handler) with my HW-MS650 soundbar integration. Could use some info from you:

On your My Devices page for the soundbar:
a. Section “Data”, value port. What is the value?
b. Section “Current States”, value model. What is the model"?

For you device itself (from the Multiroom App), what is the SW Versioin?



     Audio Notification
     Health Check
     Music Player

     playText: [STRING, NUMBER]
     playTextAndRestore: [NUMBER, STRING]
     forceOff: []
     playTextAndResume: [STRING, NUMBER]
     resumeTrack: [STRING]
     connect: []
     tileSetLevel: [NUMBER]
     ping: []
     getCurrentSong: []
     mute: []
     playTrack: [STRING, NUMBER]
     playTrackAndResume: [NUMBER, STRING]
     restoreTrack: [STRING]
     setLevel: [NUMBER]
     unmute: []
     nextTrack: []
     pause: []
     play: []
     refresh: []
     off: []
     on: []

  1. Data value port: 1DFC

  2. Current States
    status: stopped
    level: 32
    mute: unmuted
    checkInterval: 720
    model: J7500
    displaySwitch: stopped

  3. FW on soundbar is latest 3117
    App version is latest: 4133

I hope this helps.

I am working a device handler that currently controls the speakers and a subset of soundbars. It does what you talk about (return to input after playing a notification) plus a lot of others.

However, the information above confirms that your soundbar uses the same firmware as the speakers (as opposed to the newer soundbars) - so I will need to change my approach for determining how to do TTS. I will reply here when I get done,

I only have the soundbar, no other speakers connected to it. Got afew Alexa’s dotted around the gaff.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with. If you need any other info, just let me know.


I need confirmation on the inputs for your device. My research indicates the following valid inputs (i.e., you press the source button on the remote and these are the sources that come up).

“optical”, - also known as D.In or TV ARC.

I may have some other queries as I integrate this soundbar into my DH/Service Manager.


Yes I have the exact same inputs

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One more thing, NOT A HURRY, when you can conveniently:

I need to determine how Samsung defines your device so I can successfully differentiate. The strings below can be pasted into the address bar on your Browser (connected to the same wifi as your soundbar).

(Note, the xml display can be collapsed by pressing the “-” at the beginning of each row.)

Some will generate a response, some will not; however, try all four after replacing YOURSPEAKERIP (example: If no response, so indicate.





I need the information below.

      -<modelName>   - What is this value?????
            -<serviceType>   - There may be multiple.  What is the value?

BTW, my DeviceHandler has the following interface description. The group functions at the bottom will be removable by the user. One issue is that for TTS to work, a speaker still has to have the “official” integration installed (LAN SamsungAudio). This then sends the TTS to that speaker and then RECOVERS to interface to the pre-TTS mode.

Smp_7_ : HW-J7500

Dmr: no response
Rcr: no response
Smp_3_: modelName>HW-J7500</serviceType

Thanks. Will incorporate in code and tell you when available.

No problem, look forward to seeing what you come up with.