Samsung SmartThings Vision GP-U999GTEEAAC ? No longer supported?

I had one of these Samsung SmartThings Vision GP-U999GTEEAAC fail recently, stuck in boot with blinking green light, just failed out of nowhere after working fine for over a year. Factory reset does not resolve. I happened to have a brand new spare lying around and I’ve tried to set it up to replace the faulty one but it just won’t onboard. The setup process is near impossible, you scan the devices qr code and smartthings detects it and all of my vision sensors as a ‘skytag suitcase’. If run through a nearby scam it can’t be found, I have to manually enter the serial number after selecting the correct device from the list of possible devices, this whole process then fails at the registering to your account stage and the vision sensor shows error with blinking red light. It would appear these have been neglected by smartthings and Samsung and don’t appear to be supported anymore. Anyone else having issues or possible solutions?

Yeah I saw that thread, different issue to mine. I have been able to set up two of these things in the time since that thread. I don’t get any specific error code, just a failed registration of the device to my account. And I suspect it’s because snartthings wrongly identifies these as a ‘skytag suitcase’ when you scan the QR code to onboard it.

Best recommendation is to contact Samsung Support in Australia if that is your Region (probably going to be a difficult task): Tap on Menu and select Contact us. Since it is a cloud based device, it is probably either an app issue or backend issue. I hope you are able to get it resolved.

Have you onboarded it using QR codes in the past? I see the device has been around since 2018 and QR codes being shoved in our faces even though they are completely irrelevant to the device being installed is a comparatively recent thing in the app. I guess it could be an indication of crossed wires somewhere but I would have thought if electing not to use the QR code and choosing the device from the list brings up the correct setup app it should be a reasonably positive sign.

The devices seem to be in the catalogue for around 240 countries, though the setup app only seems to be supported in 40. Then again I don’t really know what the catalogue is telling me. It does rather suggest it is a supported device though.

Looks like it is a Wi-Fi device installed like Samsung appliances are using OCF. That right?

I can’t remember for sure how exactly I on boarded these the first time, but it was unremarkable and without problem. I do remember using the QR codes to onboard most of my smartthings devices, so it’s likely I did for these vision sensors too. I’ve certainly never had to go through and manually enter a serial number which is what the QR code is supposed to do.

I’ve had some preliminary generic advice from SmartThings support team to clear the app data on my phone etc, didn’t fix the problem. Interesting thing though, I thought I would try the SmartThings app on my iPad and it goes through the onboarding process as expected and detects the vision sensor correctly when scanning the QR code, it inevitably fails registering to my account as usual though. Who would have thought the SmartThings app would be buggy on an Samsung phone, but work properly on an apple device, go figure. And it turns out it is giving me the 15-300 error code as was mentioned in that other thread by someone else. They have clearly not sorted his out. I don’t understand why I’m experiencing this now when I haven’t before.

tagging @nayelyz @Luis_Humberto_Medina to see if they can assist in any way

Also, use the Contact us in the app to report the issue and send logs


I have sent further error reports via the Samsung members app, I didn’t have that installed on my galaxy previously as I don’t like app bloat, seems to have sent the logs through properly this time though and now it’s crickets, no email within a week and no phone call as promised by the technical assistant over chat. I don’t think they care.