Samsung Smartthings Smart Outlet Resistance

Hello. I’m a new user of smartthings and have recently purchased the starter kit in the UK. So far, I’m enjoying what I’m seeing and looking at further ways to make my home smarter.

However, I’ve noticed that there is quite a bit of resistance when trying to insert a plug into the provided smart outlet. If I give it a bit of a push (or sometimes bang), it goes in and everything seems to be working.

I’m wanting to see though if this resistance is normal, as I’ve seen a few threads regarding the possible fire safety of the samsung smartthings outlet. So is it normal? Or should I get a replacement from Samsung?


normal. you could dry lube it with graphite.

Get these and plug them into smart plugs. They’re 1ft extension cords. You can also use these when you want to use smart plugs with power strips.