Samsung SmartThings Hub (2018) discussion (Model GP-U999SJVLGDA aka V3)

Hub Migration in the works? This is a must for people wanting to replace/upgrade hubs.


I don’t need the wifi connection, so no need reason to want this!


What about S2? I thought it was required for any new Zwave Plus release. I did not see any mention of it anywhere.

I prefer a wired ethernet connection for anything “mission critical” so wifi is a bonus feature that might come in handy if i need to move the hub temporarily closer to something for some reason but not a reason to upgrade. Either way, in the spirit of taking on all the issues of new bleeding edge releases, I ordered one from … we’ll see.

Migrating will be lots of fun but after several years of running v2, it might be a good excuse to clean things up a bit by re-doing it all.

I am curious why you’d order this new hub if you already have a v2 running? You mention that you don’t really care about Wi-Fi. So what attracts you to the v3 hub which has 50% the memory and CPU of the v2, and no built in battery backup?


I am giving ST the benefit of the doubt that CPU speed and less memory will not adversely affect the performance of my setup. Either way, even if it were to, development of new features will most likely focus on the new hardware so that is where I prefer to be. Also, I must assume that this revision fixes hardware bugs and/or optimizes other aspects of the hub. Speculation I know…

I see no value in having on board batteries that leak. I had batteries in my v2 hub only until I found they had made a mess. All of my IT/HA/ISP equipment is under UPS so no need for batteries anyway.

Overall I am just curious.


Understood. I personally think that Samsung is just cutting costs in order to drop the entry level price. This will help sell into more homes. I really doubt there is going to be much new functionality, if any, other than WiFi. I hope there is and I wish your best of luck!


I’m seeking a recommendation: If you’re getting SmartThings for the first time ever, and the prices of v2 and v3 are the same, which would you purchase?

I recently purchased v2 for virtually the same price and am planning to return it so I can purchase v3 instead. Thank you.

If you care about battery backup and local video processing, keep your v2. If you don’t and or want WiFi capabilities, get v3.


God, no. I am still on v1 and am happy I never bothered upgrading to v2. Until there is a migration utility OR a huge compelling upgrade reason, I refuse to budge. It’s hard to believe that Samsung has ignored the fact they have no backup/migration utility for 4 years now. If my hub crashes, I’d think of leaving the ST ecosystem for this reason alone.


I don’t think it should be called v3. There are a couple products with the hub function released after v2. This one is just a 2018 edition of a hub. I still do not see any advantage over Connect Home.

Some of the details are still being worked but basically we’re taking the approach of making the Zigbee network secure by default and by notifying users when they are going to do something that is not secure. On Hub v3 unsecure rejoins will not be allowed by default and users can enable them if they need by turning off Secure Mode in the SmartThings app (called Insecure Rejoin in the Classic app).

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That’s why they have the Connect Home and Connect Home Pro released last year.

Well, as an aside, if they are adding this hub to attract additional customers and not necessarily as an upgrade path, I do hope they will also be shoring up their tech support, because a) making it easier to use HA will more than likely attract less technical people b) due to a), will further impact folks who really need technical support beyond the reboot and canned and scripted responses for issue resolution. Lately, tech support has become useless and non responsive unlike previously where I was actually impressed with tech support.


So are you going to use the default ZHA link key as a transient, which allows legacy ZHA devices to join once, but not to use insecure rejoin. Or are you going to use the default ZHA key as the primary key (which allows for full backwards compatibility but doesn’t take advantage of the new zigbee 3.0 security features)? I know it’s not an easy decision when there are Legacy devices to consider. :thinking:


Do we know if the new hub will work with the classic app?

Assuming you have a convenient Ethernet port 10+ feet away from your WiFi router, I’d get V2 for the extra computing power. It looks like they killed local cameras already even for V2. Battery backup is :man_shrugging:t2:

At launch all devices will be joined with the ZHA key and the Secure Mode setting will control whether or not unsecure rejoins are allowed. In a future release users will be able to join Zigbee 3 devices with the install code or ZHA device with the ZHA key.


You’ll need to use the new SmartThings app to claim the hub but once claimed you can use the Classic app if you’d like.


I’m getting closer to just dumping ST and moving to OpenHAB (




Any progress on backups? Anyone migrating from one hub to another needs backup capability (as well as anyone else wanting to protect their hours of hard work)