Samsung/Smartthings at IFA 2015

Amazon Pre-orders should begin to ship next week.


What about Amazon orders post pre-order? Mine says it will ship between Oct 2nd and Dec 17th. That’s a huge window. Even if it did ship Oct 2nd, that’s almost a month away… I almost wonder if I should cancel my order and order from Samsung.

That’s just Amazon’s shipment algorithm. If it’s something that they have never had in stock, but they have a pending order for receipt, they give you three months shipping window because they have no previous history to know how long it’s going to take to get more. happens all the time with brand-new products.

Wow, it’s been a year. IFA 2016 is around the corner and Samsung has a dedicated conference on smart home scheduled for Thursday, Sept 1st. Will it be nearly as exciting for SmartThings as 2015 was?

"This is one you’ll want to diarise. Samsung’s first IFA 2016 press conference is on the Wednesday, starting at 6pm (that’s 5pm BST and 9am PST). Our Gear S3 hands on review will be up within an hour or two of that. Plus first impressions of any other new Samsung hardware.

The second conference (smart home etc) starts at 11am Berlin time (10am BST, 2am PST) on Thursday 1st September."

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@JDRoberts how far have you pushed your prediction of big HA game changer arriving. Last I remember was sumner of 2016.

Actually, I found it…

Yes, I was just wrong. I’ve revised that. :sunglasses:

edited to note that it’s clear my Summer 2016 target date was way too optimistic. HomeKit has moved much more slowly than I expected, and consequently there has been less pressure on competitors. The earliest I now expect to see multiple plug and play systems under $5,000 is summer 2017, and I expect them to fall into two categories: Full feature systems like SmartThings and limited feature systems such as I expect HomeKit will now be.

Limited feature Systems will only work with a few specific devices and may be limited to lights, locks, HVAC, cameras, and probably garage doors. But very few sensors other than those built into other devices like motion sensors built into security cameras. The limited feature systems will basically be a smarter thermostat, a smarter lightbulb, etc. that will replace your existing dumb devices, but you won’t buy devices in categories that you didn’t already have. (Even a voice controller like Echo or Google Home could be considered a smarter music player.) Rules will be very simple, about the equivalent of IFTTT, maybe with Geopresence as “and.”

In contrast, full-featured systems will add several different kinds of sensors, a hub, maybe some relays – – devices that you only need in order to make the automations work. They will also offer much more complex rule mechanisms than HomeKit and other limited feature systems.

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I think the entire smart home industry has moved slower than expected, We are no closer to a suitable Smartthings replacement now than we were a year ago. I do think other than the state data loss issues a month ago, ST has made improvements in performance and reliability recently, but it’s not where it needs to be just yet.

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Hey being optimisting doesn’t mean being wrong. Just look at the trends last summer. There was a lot of frenzy around HA. And then it was quiet. And I don’t think it’s Apple’s fault. I think it’s people’s fault. The demand never took off as analysts predicted. Remember Gartner? They said this in 2014:

Gartner, Inc. forecasts that 4.9 billion connected things will be in use in 2015, up 30 percent from 2014, and will reach 25 billion by 2020.

At the rate seen in 2016, I think 2020 prediction is far fetched.