Samsung Smarthings Acct / Samsung account - device handlers works no ore

(Gil Russo) #1

so I just got off the phone with support and they are telling me with the new samsung app, there is no custom integration allowed. So my device handler I’m using for Insteon devices works no more since I moved to a samsung account vs the smarthings account. The support rep suggested that I use the classic app which allows customer development. So I reverted back to that setup with his help… However all my devices are now showing offline. so, I started to delete and re add them back in. Now they are showing online they are showing online within the web portal, but I’m unable to control via the smarthings app. I can control via insteon app with no issue…

Can someone guide me here…thanks Gil

(jkp) #2

Define what “revert backed back to that setup” means? Hopefully you simply logged into the Classic app with your new Samsung account??

(Gil Russo) #3

Yes that is what I was advised to do however all insteon devices are showing inactive. So I attempted to remove and add back in… now they are showing active but I can’t control via the SmartThings app