Samsung Smartcam HD Pro vs. D-Link DCS-2630L?

Does anyone have experience with both the Smartcam HD Pro and the D-Link DCS-2630L? I’m looking to upgrade one or more of my older cameras.

I have the Smartcam HD Pro (still on firmware 1.06), and I love the image quality - especially the high dynamic range. I can have it pointed out the window and see great detail in shadow and highlight areas. My other older cameras, including an old D-Link DCS-1130, are awful when pointed outside. They have very high contrast and lose image detail in the shadows and blown highlights.

I haven’t found any reviews of the 2630L that tells me how it compares to the Samsung when pointed out a window. I know the Samsung, despite the name, has very little integration with Smartthings. The 180-degree field of view of the 2630L is probably a little wider than I want, but I’m not opposed to it.

If anyone has both or just has knowledge of how they compare I would appreciate it. The quality of the Samsung would probably be enough for me to get another if it wasn’t for the reduced functionality that came in firmware 1.07.

I also need compatibility with QNAP Surveillance Station. This seems to work fine on both models (or at least on firmware 1.06 of the Samsung). I’m not sure if firmware 1.07 breaks Surveillance Station functionality for the Samsung.