Samsung SmartCam HD Pro fails to connect livestream

The apple smart things app can not connect to video on Samsung SmartCam HD Pro.
It was crashing when I tried to connect to camera, I reinstall the app and now it can’r connect to live stream.
I reinstalled this camera in the app, didn’t help. The camera WIFI connection is good because I can restart camera from apple app. And the app sees the camera, but when I try to check view, it fails.

I just figured out this: I rebooted the Samsung hub and reinstalled camera - now I can monitor a room.
BUT !!! As soon as iPhone loosing the WIFI connection and goes to cellular network - the samsung SmartThings application starts crashing when I try to open live stream from camera!!!

Another crash solution… I am posting this purely for all of you experiencing crashing. I think I have solved the issue. FYI… I also run Samsung Smartthings (with several sensors) on my home system. After purchasing 3 of these cameras elsewhere. I put 1 at my office and 2 at the house. The office cam was fine but the house cams both crashed a lot and randomly which told me that the cams were probably fine, but their environment was not. Long story short (many google searches and trial and error fix attempts)… If your cams crash / reboot repeatedly I bet is most likely a combination of your router and or modem. In my case, I started with a Netgear N600 router and a (very old) Arris TM502G telephony modem. Was having all sorts of problems with cam crashes (and other random things). I feared I was going to have to upgrade my internet to a more expensive tier. I tried to upgrade just the router to a netgear R6900 and (thankfully) it brought things to a screeching halt (almost nothing worked even though diagnostics showed that internet was attached and active). Turns out that because I started with a very old router (N600) and modem that caused initial issues, then after trying to upgrade just the router… I found out that since the router was Docsis 3 (something) and modem was Docsis 2 (something) all I needed to do is upgrade both my modem and router to the same docsis AND go to the new bands ??A & C ?. I think technically the docsis are supposed to be backwards compatible, but in my situation, I do not think they were. As much as I hate to admit this… all I had to do was what the BIG cable company told me to do a few years back… upgrade to their “all in one” internet gateway… an Arris TG1682G. Everything works perfectly now including both Cams and I have increased speed on the network. Some day I man buy a NEW modem and router separately but (for now at least) I rent this one from the cable company,