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Any way as we’re speaking to turn off TV while setting to night mode?

(Teflon Koss) #22

This is amazing. Very interested to see where it ends up.

(Sunil K) #23

I see a post here from Brad which talks of the device code :

Could someone suggest what are the steps to use the above code and try it out ?
I have a Samsung UN55D8000 with SmartHub !

Thanks in advance



Any news on this integration with Smartthings?

(Im Brian) #25

TL;DR: The current hub does not allow Websocket connections required by the Samsung TV to issue commands. I believe I could (quite easily) create an interface for Panasonic TVs or Roku devices, though. If you want to issue commands to your Samsung TV, you’ll need an intermediary device.

I have my Samsung TV working with SmartThings via local IP access. Major caveat: I have to use my custom node.js server as an intermediary. For most people wanting a simple setup, it’s not very practical. Here’s a demo using my Ubi to send a command to SmartThings, which sends a REST request via local IP to my Raspberry Pi running my node.js server that then issues commands to my Samsung TV via websockets - and to my PS3 via bluetooth spoofing:

It’s a bit of a Rube Goldberg, but if you want to try it yourself, here is the node.js app I’m working on that interfaces to the Samsung TV (and Panasonic TVs, Roku, PS3, Foscam, acts as a SmartThings remote, sends SMS, sends Pushover notifications, checks stocks, checks weather, does text to speech):

The part that lets SmartThings talk to the remote is here:

And the part that lets the remote talk to SmartThings is here:

(Dustin H) #26

Is there any update on integrating with a Samsung TV? I have an F7100 series and am getting a smart things hub soon and am very interested in this. i also have a Samsung HT-D5300 Home Theater System that I would like to integrate into my setup. It connects to the TV via HDMI and they talk to each other with AnyNet+. I also have inadvertently bought my way into the Samsung ecosystem. I’ve now got a Note 3 and a Note Pro 12.2. I deeply despise Apple products and am a HUGE Android fan so Samsung has roped me in! LOL.

I’m curious if the power off thing has been figured out yet…

I have a server that I could use as an intermediary (it’s got Hyper-V so I could run a linux VM or the like off of it) if necessary to host/run/accept/send commands to/from SmartThings to the TV.


(Im Brian) #27

@bradmb has created an excellent looking controller that I, unfortunately, have not had an opportunity to test out:

I’ve opted to control all my AV equipment from a homebrew setup that then speaks to SmartThings. You can find more about it here:

(Dustin H) #28

Maybe it’s because I’m not logged in to github, but the link you provided for @bradmb’s project doesn’t work
It looks like this one does:

Thanks for the info!

Automating Lights in greatroom in conjunction with TV
(Ben Edwards) #29

I fixed the link in @imbrian’s link - it was missing the “y” in groovy at the end. And look it previews :slight_smile:

(Im Brian) #30

Thanks, Ben! Sorry - bad paste-job.

(Nicholas Wilde) #31

I was able to try out the app last night and I can confirm that it works with my 7100 series TV. It did, however, run the command when my mode changed so that’ll need to be fixed. I am going to use the base of this code and combine it with a virtual button switch to control the command. Now I will be able to mute my TV from the kitchen using Ubi!

(Im Brian) #32

Nice! I got my PS3 and Samsung TV working with my Ubi. It’s less…practical, but it was fun to play with:

(Nicholas Wilde) #33

How did you setup yours?

(Im Brian) #34

I had Ubi fire commands to a custom device that then sent local IP requests to my Raspberry Pi running this:

It uses Gimx under the hood to spoof the Bluetooth mac address to control the PS3.

(DLee) #35

This works great. Thanks for the code.

I feel like the answer should be obvious but I have not yet played with virtual tiles and can’t quite comprehend this yet. What is the best method to create a virtual device that uses this app so that I can turn off my TV on Goodbye and Goodnight phrases?

(Im Brian) #36

If you installed the Samsung TV device controller by @bradmb you can create a simple Smart App to trigger any function within it - then install it for whichever mode(s) you’d like. I’d done something similar for Nest, in which it turns the thermostat’s mode to match ST’s mode:

Samsung JS9000 Smart TV Integration
(Nicholas Wilde) #37

I’m currently working out the bugs with my version that uses virtual tiles and I will post the code when I am done.

(Nicholas Wilde) #38

Okay, here is my first go at the app:

It can be used in conjunction with either a virtual on/off button tile or a virtual momentary button tile.

(DLee) #39

Thanks for sharing that Nicholas. Works well for my needs. The Virtual Switch implementation was also easy. I have the virtual switch turn on with Goodnight or Goodbye which turns off the TV if the kids left it on. Then have the virtual switch reset to “off” when other actions happen so it will be ready to trigger TV off again when needed. Pretty cool.

(Teflon Koss) #40

I’m having some trouble using this. When I toggle the momentary tile, it does nothing. If I set your app to send the command poweroff it works. If I copy your app and set it for poweron, it doesn’t do anything?

What am I not understanding? How do I make the tile turn the power on/off?

Thanks for any help!