Samsung Smart TV integration weirdness

I logged into my account on and spotted this amongst my Devices?
Samsung OCF TV Home Home Hub 425c7f57-b860-4584-ab02-51f4cb57a06c ACTIVE Cloud 29 minutes ago

but this is not showing up on my hub or on the smart things app? The events are showing up on the web from about 7 days ago? I think it was after the firmware update…

2018-02-09 6:56:20.534 PM GMT
7 days ago DEVICE switch On [TV] Samsung Frame (43) was turned On

Any ideas as to why its not showing up on app or how it got added in the first place?


Have you ever launched the new Smarthings Connect app? It seems to auto-discover Samsung TVs.


Dont remember. Since I asked this the device appeared after a firmware update and now appears under tvs, with full control abilities. At the time it was puzzling. But since it went away and nobody replied. I forgot all about it

Thanks for your reply though