Samsung Smart Refrigerator RF28HMELBS Compatible with SmartThings

(Erik C.) #1

Just curious if the Samsung Smart Refrigerator RF28HMELBS is currently compatible with ST or in works for official support?

(Jason) #2

@Ben mentioned that the best bet for Samsung appliance integrations would be 2016 models(he wasn’t guaranteeing it). That said I think we would be lucky to see them officialy supported in 2016. But as soon as they are my savings will take a hit. …


At the 2015 CES keynote, Samsung official said that by 2017 all of their appliances would be “IOT capable” but we don’t have any details on what exactly that means or any specific timelines.

So I would expect it eventually, but I wouldn’t put down any bets on model year or exactly when it might be compatible with smartthings.