Samsung smart plug

Can anybody help, I want to use my smart plug to turn on a small Samsung tv but it won’t turn on.
I’ve tried it upstairs on a bigger 32" tv & works fine.
Am I doing something wrong ?

Probably not.

Make sure the TV is capable of turning on to it’s last known state, in this case being left powered on.

I do exactly what you’re doing with a Sony (very old model) and a new Samsung Smart TV. I leave both on when I leave for vacation and turn them off with the smart plug. When the plug turns back on, so does the TV.


The other possibility is that the smart things device is out of range of its old neighbors in the new location and it’s confused about how to route its messages.

Start by plugging a table lamp into it and see if that goes on and off when you toggle it in the smart things mobile app. If it doesn’t, then you know that there’s a communication problem to the plug. You still don’t know whether the TV will work but you have to get the messages through first.

Each end device has a table of its own closest neighbors. When you move the device, those neighbors may change, but the device won’t know it because it’s still using the old neighbor table. So let’s get that table updated. :sunglasses:

Leave the pocket socket (Smart things device) plugged into the wall. Now unplug your smart things hub and take out the batteries if it has any and leave it off power for at least 15 minutes. Leave the pocket socket plugged in this whole time.

That should be long enough that the individual end devices will panic and wonder where the hub is.

Then just plug the hub back in. This will automatically cause all the devices to update their own neighbor tables. It can take a couple of hours until everyone is done with the update, so you might not see an improvement until the next day. Or you could see it almost immediately.

By the way, it is a good idea to do this anytime you have been either adding new devices to the network or moving devices around. It just keeps your network operating efficiently.

Once the table lamp works OK, then unplug the pocket socket. plug the TV into the regular wall outlet. Turn it on. Unplug it. Plug it back in to the regular wall outlet. If it comes on without you doing anything else, then the pocket socket can control it. If it stays off when you plug it back in, then the pocket socket cannot control it.

If the table lamp works OK and unplugging the tv and plugging it back into the regular wall outlet brings it back on power, then plug it into the pocket socket and you should be good to go. :bulb: :heart_eyes: