Samsung Smart Home app / ST

I just got a new Samsung oven, and it connects to my Wifi, and runs with a Samsung Smart Home app which lets me control it from my phone.

The app appears to control lots of other Samsung devices (if you have them), and it has routines for day/night/wake up etc. It also has a logo with similar colours to ST, but a different shape!

Are we likely to see our existing ovens/washing machines/AC units which are ‘Smart Home App’ compatible, integrated with ST?

That would be nice.

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This is part of a “similar but different” Smart Home service that Samsung released back in January of 2014, where you could control several TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

I’m not sure how compatible this whole thing would be with SmartThings though. They released that whole “connected home” thing 6 months before the ST acquisition, but they have continued to update it, and it does have more downloads than ST (although whether that means more active users is unknown).

I guess time will tell, but it makes sense for Samsung to eventually merge these two efforts into one.

Well, Smart Home had a different icon until this morning. It also didn’t work on the latest Android OS version (crashed on launch) until today, so something is obviously happening.

The similarity carries some obvious suggestion…


Definitely appears like there’s some convergence-ination going on… :slight_smile:

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Well… The difference is that Smart Home logo looks like an arrow pointing up, while SmartThings logo looks like a big fat zero. :smile:


Does the Samsung app support landscape?