Samsung smart doorlock

So I recently saw the Samsung Sds smart doorlock on smartthings device option
But there is no reviews
Any ody tried it?
It looks really good

Which model?

Up until now, the Samsung smart locks (which are made by a different division than the Samsung Smartthings Hub) were Bluetooth devices that did not work with SmartThings.

However, it’s possible that with the new V3 app, they might be compatible. They’re definitely nice locks, but it’s unlikely that people in this forum would have one since they didn’t previously work with the platform.

There are also a few Samsung SDS Zwave models, but only available on the Korean zwave frequency, so again, people in this forum would not be likely to have those.


The one available in the new app is zigbee

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Here’s the models

Can you tell me which model number you have. And maybe a picture of the layout of the lock on smartthings

I don’t have one

I believe the Samsung z-wave locks are more popular in the APAC region. There are couple of folks who’re using it with this custom DTH which supports some of the locks advanced features. Maybe you can ask on that topic about their experiences with the lock. As JD pointed out the locks in the APAC region operate on a different frequency from the US.