Samsung says: Smart TV features are on the rise

Time for Samsung to invest more in ST?

“In the past, picture quality, price and screen size were the foremost factors considered by consumers when buying a television. According to a survey on the usage and attitude (U&A) of American consumers conducted by Samsung Electronics in 2014 and 2016, the significance of the aforementioned factors decreased whereas the importance of smart function doubled from 15.1 percent to 29.6 percent within the two years.”

I don’t buy into the smartphone/tablet as remote control. I have the functionality on my iPad and HTC phone, but it is virtually always more convenient to grab an actual remote control than to get the phone, swipe to open, find the app, go to the button for the proper room and proper function, etc.

The truly convenient option is no remote at all:
“alexa, trigger hockey.”
“alexa, trigger fish tank.”

Though that has to be programmed, and I have to say the phrase specifically or it doesn’t work.

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I agree with this. I have a Harmony Hub with an app and physical remote, and I almost ALWAYS grab the remote. The only time I use the app is if I am in another room and forget to turn the tv off, etc. It’s even easier sometimes to go and grab the remote from across the room and I AM LAZY.

Alexa/Harmony, now that is convienient. My favorite integration with Alexa along with my blinds.

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It’s funny how we are all creatures of habit. And that makes Home Automation near impossible to ‘get it right’, unless the arsenal offered is WebCoRE flexible and even that is not enough within a single household.

I use the Harmony remote primarily when around the TV. If I step away from the Harmony remote, my next go to is Harmony app. I ALWAYS use Alexa to turn off the TV, even if I have the Harmony remote in my hand.