Samsung Robot Vacuum

same issue here

Can anyone tell me the differences between Samsung POWERbot vacuum VR2AJ9250WW and SR2AK9350U, witch one is better?

VR2AJ9250WW/AA-POWERbot R9250 Robot Vacuum

30w Suction Power
Does not appear to have Select and Go. With Select and Go, the PB maps your home then sends you a layout of your house. From there, you can select which room to send the PB too.
It does have the light guided system.

VR2AK9350WK/AA-POWERbot Turbo Robot Vacuum
40w Suction Power
Has Select and Go

Outside of that, doesn’t seem much of a difference.

For reference, I have;
VR2AJ9040WG/AA-POWERbot Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum

5.9w Suction Power
No Point Cleaning
Even with 5.9w Suction Power, we still run it on quiet mode and it gets up a-lot of dirt and dust. I do see where the Select and Go would come in handy. I absolutely HATE trying to vacuum with a remote (Left,Right and Forward).

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Anyone ever get two of these vacuums paired with ST?

Thank you @rontalley. Just this one (VR2AK9350WK/AA) has the “select the room” ?

As far as I know. There is a comparison chart on Amazon under description. The turbo model is the only model that offers select and go according to the chart and from what I’ve researched…

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No still struggling support working on it with me

From what I’ve learned, the “Right Now” intergration is broke. However, the vacuums do pair with ST and you can automate routines and view “Recent Events”.

I have one connected and can make it work, however I can never get the second one to pair.

Vacuums used to work great. Zero issues controlling and automating.

However, functionality has been broken for several months now and Smartthings support has not fixed it…
All I get is the run around on a resolution.

Would be nice to get a fix after spending $1,100 on two vacuums specifically bought to work with Smartthings and several months of calming waiting… for them to fix what they broke.

I agree, it would be nice if someone at ST could give us and update and let us know if anyone is even working on this. I doubt it as it would have been fixed by now…

@Aaron any news?

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I had a ticket open but gave up on it after a few days and used Core to make the robot clean while gone and return to charger when I come back.

I can’t even use the “Select a Room” the smart home app crashes when i select my vacuum cleaner, i see the select a room page for all of about a second then the app crashes.

Tried a brand new iPhone and didn’t work, tried to create another account same thing.

Has anyone on iOS iPhone been able to use samsung home with their vacuum cleaner?

It’s not the first time they screw up. I was thinking buying one but reading this made me reconsider. These guys at smartthings are really totally irresponsible and I will soon migrate to another platform. This is really too much of a mess at ST’s. They just screw their customers. Today, ST’s cloud was dead… it happens often and if anything like a water leak happens during these bugs… they just not are reliable, period.

I’m confused… I thought ST integration worked with the R9250 but then I saw somewhere that it only works with the R9350. Has anyone gotten this to work with the R9250? I still have a gen 1 hub if that makes a difference. I can not get the hub to see the vacuum but this was one of the main reasons I bought this vac. I do not want to pay $200 more for ST integration.

Anyone had any reliability issues with their Samsung PowerBots? I have gone through 2 since Xmas. The first one burned out the motor on the wheels and the second one is now making really loud grinding noises. If it was a regular vacuum, I’d take it to the random vacuum repair guy at the mall…but I don’t know what to do with this thing to get it serviced.

I went through two of them and gave up. Motors burned out. Each time it destroyed itself.

I had the main board go out within the warranty period. It got replaced by Samsung. Then I had a wheel motor go out. Cost $80 to buy another as it was now out of warranty.

Mines require constant maintenance. Thing is always getting hung up on something. Still does a great job at getting up all of the dog hair and dust. But…I has been a pain.

The integration with SmartThings is minimal at best.

I’m thinking of getting a powerbot, but want to see how they work before jumping into a high version. What is the lowest model that works with ST?

I believe the R7040 is the cheapest model with Wifi. I got it a couple weeks ago but am having a hell of a time getting it to work with SmartThings or Samsung Connect. Can only get it working in the Samsung Smart Home app, which is horrible. It’s supposed to work with Samsung Connect per the manual. But, the troule could be due to me being the in Samsung account migration beta. There are several reviews on BestBuy and Amazon saying they have the R7040 working with SmartThings. Support will tell you only these models work:

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