Samsung Reveals Entire 2016 Smart TV Line-Up will be IoT Ready

Oh wow… that means if you have something like the NVidia Shield which I believe also runs Android TV, you should be able to use SmartThings on your TV as well!

This made me seriously think about my recent 2016 Sammy TV. It would be nice to have baked in google play store. But on the other hand the sammy should be able to be connected to ST as a device natively(pure speculation/hope).

I know I definitely got burned on picking up a galaxy s7 and M7 speaker though (thinking they would have better smartthings integration off of pure speculation)

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Wonder if I can use the browser on my 60" Samsung smart to run Smarttiles :slight_smile:

can’t hurt to try!

yeah i have the sony in the study , still got a sammy in he livingroom purely on the picture quality just wish they supported google

Hey all!

Sooo… Just thinking out loud here… say if… my 10 yr old tv suddenly died… would I be able to get a samsung tv with ST integrated… shipped to and usable in Spain? Or is this all still US only?


I’m not sure about the rest, but for the 2016 tvs to be integrated they will allegedly need the smartthings extend stick (although I’m not sure if that will be required to add the tv as a device/thing to the system) Also we don’t have a timeline on when it will have any integration.

That said the Zigbee frequency is probably the same, the Zwave frequency is probably different, So I don’t know that you will be able to use it as a hub. Possibly as a thing/device just depends on what they will allow for that type of functionality and what protocol they will use to communicate with an existing hub(most likely lan)

It has been nearly two years since Samsung purchased SmartThings.

So, “why” can’t we add ANY type of “TV” as a “thing” within SmartThings?

Sure, I kinda expected that the first brand of TV to appear as a supported “thing” within SmartThings, would indeed be Samsung-branded smart-TVs. But, I assumed that over time, that ST would also support adding other manufacturer’s TVs to our ST hubs, too?

But, two years later, and ST hubs still can’t discover/control ANY TVs?!!!

I think someone’s gonna need to seriously consider renaming "SMART"things?
I think this is becoming “false advertisement?”!!!

Alexa, turn on my TV. “Sorry, there is no device named TV in your home.”

“Yes, there are FOUR TVs in my home. Please turn one, (or ANY) of them on – PLEASE!!!”

Alexa, tune living room TV to CNN.
Alexa, turn up/down/mute the volume on the living room TV.

It would be AWESOME to have a standard (common) set of TV control commands (via SmartThings + Alexa) that can control ANY manufacturer’s TVs. SmartThings would be the “middle-man” to “translate” our standardized spoken commands or events, into manufacturer’specific IP commands to control the respective manufacturers’ TVs.
(e.g. we shouldn’t have to change our spoken commands/syntax, or ST events, just because we buy a new/different TV.)

Sure, some TVs would have a deeper “vocabulary” than others.

But, from a ST perspective, there should be a standardized/common syntax.

I guess I worked at ST, too? So I could get paid for just fixing all of my old/broken/previous code, and not create/deliver anything “new.” Or, have 2+ years to deliver new code/functionality?!!!
SWEET job!

Merlin…it’s all about asking Alexa the right things and seeking Harmony.

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Speaking of Harmony, got word today that Logitech beta direct integration with Echo is out in the wild

UPDATE: apparently other people got the email from Logitech too


I’m not sure you fully understand what’s required to get something ‘connected’ and through what means.

The biggest hurdle with a lot of older ‘smart’ TVs is that unless you used IR or HDMI-CEC, you couldn’t even turn them on through Wake up On LAN (WOL).

As for the supported Samsung TVs, the 2016’s only got released a month or so ago. Connectivity will come I’m sure.

Before anyone runs out and buy the new Samsung 2016 tvs, read all the reviews.

The latest line hasn’t done as well as last years line in terms of performance, quality build, bugs. I bought 3 65 inch KS8000 Samsung 2016 tvs and all of them have had different issues. The issues include apps crashing often, light bleed, wifi issues, pixilation in dark scenes, among other issues. I return all 3 and went back to the 3 65 JS8500 (2015) and those are awesome! The only advantage the new models have is that the panel is “slightly” brighter and smarthings integration (which doesn’t work yet). I am not too worried about that functionality as the Logitech Harmony hub/elite remote does everything that I need from a smart home perspective.

Something to keep in mind before buying the latest Samsung TV…


@Tyler @alex What is the status of this product ever coming out? TV’s are being sold advertised as working with Smartthings yet none of them actually do.

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I’m guessing real soon…

Where are you getting this list from? I don’t see Samsung TV in my drop down list.

Go to the IDE.

Choose “my devices” (not device handlers)

Choose “add new device” and you’ll see it in the drop-down list there.

I may be mistaken, but I thought those of been there for a little while and we’ve been told they were going to be activated later.

Hmm I don’t see it, do you have GitHub integration enabled?


Extremely odd, I don’t see any of this under the templates list when creating a new device…

Ah! There in lies the mystery, I was selecting My Device Handlers. So the source isnt’ available yet.

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