Samsung Reveals Entire 2016 Smart TV Line-Up will be IoT Ready

(Kyle ) #155

Tv as a client - elaborate?

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #156

TV running some kind of application based interface for SmartThings.


I also recently purchased the 2015 JS8500 SUHD TV, and it does have the Tizen-based OS. I would like an answer from SmartThings support regarding use of the new SmartThings Extend USB dongle with the 2015 SUHD JS8500 Tizen-based OS TV. Will this work and be supported ?

(Brian Diehl) #158

This isn’t exactly an answer, however I mentioned there might be an evolution kit for 2015 TVs and received a Like on the comment from an ST associate.


(Benji) #160


But as mentioned it’ll either come in an ‘evolution’ kit or you’ll be able to add it as a ‘device’.


According to a Samsung spokesperson on Europe it is unlikely we will see new HW for 2016 and that FW update would be the way to update the 2015 TVs (of course they may still mean not all features would be available to those 2015 TVs though.)

I’ve found the link so better to read/watch there:

(Eric Seckinger) #162

Good thing they held off these failed updates until after CES.

(Michael) #163

Is there any date set for the release of the new 2016 Samsung smart tv’s that will include integration with Smartthings?


I don’t have the specific dates, but we’re already seeing the compatible models of TVs available from some online retailers. The SmartThings Extend stick should follow shortly after.

(System48) #165

What is this R3Y-F-USB-US-V1, also the parts list didn’t make in the permanent confidentiality letter.

(Brian Steere) #166

That looks like the Extend Stick

(Keith Croshaw) #167

TV Obsolescence device.

Just plug it in and your TV will get replaced in two years via your bank account. :wink:

(Joel) #168

I’m renovating my bathroom and want to put a tv in there that can turn on and play the news (smartapp ) with smartthings routines or rules. Do these Samsung tvs support that ?

(Kyle ) #169

You could do that with the samsung over ip/lan device type :slight_smile: or easier with harmony intergration

(Joel) #170

Will check it out. I never used harmony as my Xbox one is fully voice controlled (plex, free to air and off on). But that could work in the bathroom!

(Redlyne) #171

Will these TVs and the Extend stick be available in Canada?

I went to a local best buy, the best buy employees and even a Samsung rep had no idea what I was talking about. :frowning:

(iamjezz) #172

I just got a SONY tv with android Tv then installed the APP and happy days works well

(Kyle ) #173

which app?

(iamjezz) #174

android ST app