Samsung Reveals Entire 2016 Smart TV Line-Up will be IoT Ready

Yeah, I wouldn’t read too much into it being available in that drop down. I believe there is also a Foscam option that ST provides in the same drop down.

I set it up recently when I happened to notice it was in there. It doesn’t do anything. It showed that my tv was on, but would not allow me to turn it off or make any other adjustments so I deleted it.

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Hi Tyler,
Any update on when this feature will be released ?
You announced this back on Dec 2015, start selling IoT ready TVs in April / May 2016 and this is still not released one year later?
Usually, one can expect that when company make big announcement such this, this means that the feature have been tested and ready to be released in the coming months!

I want to be able to connect my KS6510 (UK) to my Smart Hub as a Smartthing Thing !
(“Smarttings as a Thing: yes” and “IoT client app: yes”, as published on the TV specs, Samsung web sites and TV advertising posters!).

Please tell us when we can expect to get that promise honoured and the feature released to your customers.
Thank you.


Im not sure about US law, but im fairly sure in the UK if a product is advertised as having a feature it doesnt your entitled to a full refund even past the usual 28 day policy as the produxt is not as described… id cut your losses now as if they havnt done it after 12 months i doubt its coming at all in the way its been described and asvertised…

what annoys me the most is that they still fully advertise and market their 2016 TVs as IoT-ready and this is key differentiating feature compare to LG, Sony, etc… yet this is a complete lie since the feature only exists on the TV spec papers and Samsung websites, not the product itself…
This shows a complete lack of respect for Samsung customers…
After all who cares, so long Samsung can get our money !!!

By analogy, this is like buying a new car.
You visit a few car dealerships (Sony, LG etc) and then stop at the “Samsung” garage!. There, you see the most amazing and technically advanced car ever… you talk to the salesman who shows you the spec claiming a very fast acceleration, excellent engine, faster than any other cars on the market… he even demo the car in the showroom (CES 2016), run the engine, ask you to feel the vibrations of the car and show you plenty of videos telling you how enjoyable it will be to drive such a fast car!!! This “Samsung car” is faster than the one you previously had in mind, so you decide to buy it and pay the full price for such a superb car…
Then your car gets delivered on a truck at home; it’s shiny, beautiful, the most advanced piece of engineering you have ever seen!. You get excited and can’t wait to drive it around the block and feel the acceleration, the vibrations, etc… You turn the key to start the car and then… … nothing happen…
You open the bonnet and now realise that there is no engine fitted in the car!
Horrified, you call the “Samsung dealership”, they transfer you to a customer representative (Samsung Customer Support) who tells you that the car will eventually drive to that fast speed, but the engine hasn’t yet been developed !!!
You rightly asked WHEN will the engine be available and installed in your car (my post here), They answer that they have absolutely no idea !!! They advise you to keep an eye on the blog of the Samsung Garage to see when your engine (the one you already have paid for in full) will eventually be developed, if ever… For now you have to leave the car in the garage rusting! (You can always sit in the car and listen to the stereo instead, pretending your are driving it!)

How would you feel? Ripped-Off ??.. wondering why you didn’t get the other car after all.
The other car may be slower but at least it drives, as specified by the spec and marketing materials…

I want to drive my “Samsung car” now! (i.e., connect my Samsung TV as a Thing to my Smartthings Hub, as advertised and sold for the past year)!


I love this response beyond words - soooo true

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Where’s my free SmartThings Extend usb adapter for my 2016 Samsung TV?

I certainly feel a lawsuit brewing! :+1:

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Absolutely spot on analogy.

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@slagle @tyler @alex

Don’t expect any comments. They’re under strict gag order.


But something epic and big is coming!

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The much hyped smart home enabled TV was supposed to be epic too. We know how that turned out. :wink:

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They have a very strict script in which to follow. The best example of this was the response I got to Alex’s disappearance from the forum; he is too busy running the company. I suspect they went a little off script with that response. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that will probably be another “US Only” feature!

Why don’t they simply save a lot of money by stopping marketing and selling Smartthing to the rest of the world since they don’t care about the non-US buyers/users ???
That would be a considerable saving of money so that they could get even more Epic and Bigs stuff for the US Only…
(I am in the UK BTW!)

This is no longer false advertising.
Today (30 March 2017), the Samsung Smart TV is now listed in the UK app’s “thing marketplace” list…

I successfully connected my TV as a Thing to my hub!


Just to keep this real, the announcement that OP was referring to stated that “all SUHD TVs will be equipped with the SmartThings Hub, enabling them to act as a controller for the entire smart home.” This is very different from connecting “TV as a Thing” and still is as false as it’s ever been.

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Indeed, so far this is only “TV as Thing”.
Mine is a 6 series (hence TV as a Things only)… which is good enough for me as I have a hub already…
“TV as a hub” is a complete different matter! It will requires a Dongle, currently in Beta + invitation only + in the US only, ie not likely to happen anytime soon!

Here’s my concern. When I purchased our 2016 suhd 60 smart TV I was told by the rep and a news review on the new technology of Samsung tvs in 2016 that all Samsung smart tvs will have ST hub included. Curious so I checked out my father in laws curved Samsung that he brought right jn the beginning of 2016 and sure enough under smart apps was smartthings…

So I go spend 1400 dollars on a TV that I thought could replace my hub but when i get home and install the smart app isn’t there or available. So I call tech support and they tell me they removed smartthings in the firmware jn October of 2016 because of bugs or glitches. They said on the next update I should have this option.

Now what if someone has there house set up with devises and Samsung decides to do something they have done before which is remove the hub for months. Can we rely on this tv hub integration. This one fact is going to make me always want to keep my actual hub.

Just a thought. I do like that my tv shows up now, more integrations the better.

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Anyone else still have a “SmartThings” SUHD Samsung Smart TV w/ no extend IoT Readiness?

Check out how handily Best Buy is plugging them


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