Samsung R6 not announcing audio notifications

I have a Samsung r6 multi-audio speaker integrated into smartthings for many years. It has been working flawlessly until recently. The r6 speaker was connected via wifi using my isp router, however i have changed my isp and recieved a new router.
The r6 speaker is currently connected to my new router and smartthings has detected the speaker but no audio notifications are spoken. I have removed the speaker from ST and re-installed it. I can play music via the sansung multi-audio app so the speaker is connected via wifi.
I can select the speaker to announce a message when creating a routine but nothing is announced? In the history events of the speaker it logs these as “Audio Mute unmuted” another logs “Audio Mute Muted”

Any help would be appreciated.

What is the year the r6 multi-audio speaker was produced? SmartThings is in the final stages of a migration from their old architecture to a newer one. I know they stopped audio announcements on the S1 version of the old Sonos speakers. I wonder if they might have done the same with the R6 series (if it is 2016 or earlier) but I do not see anything posted on their Platform Transition FAQs page about it losing support.

You may want to reach out to SmartThings support on this unless other community members have a solution.

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