Samsung R1 box says "works with smartthings" but it dont

I got mine last Friday and I installed the iPhone app from Samsung as the directions say then paired it with SmartThings and it works great. I play music and use BigTalker to give me status and alerts. I am getting another three.

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Are you getting any delays with BigTalker notifications? and does it resume the music after an alert?

Yes about 5 to ten seconds.

Mine works

I just connected my new (used $50 ebay!) R1. I had to run discovery for about 5 min but it was found eventually… be patient! :slight_smile:

Mine still working after 5 months…

I want to buy this device I need to confirm the correct P/N is WAM1500?

Yes, they work. I have two.

Groupon also has refurb units:

It works. I’ve setup multiple units. There is a process and there are specific tips that can help you along. I posted it before and @JDRoberts made a FAQ for it, I think. I’ll try and dig it up…

[EDIT] Found it. Here you go:

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Does this still work for the folks that had it working? Mine did work but no longer does after I had to remove and re-add the device. I spoke to support and they tried some things but eventually said I am out of luck because there is no official support.

Yup, still no problem. I have about 8 that have been running for about a a year now.


I just got my R1 speakers and they are not pairing at all… how did you make it work? I am desperate at this stage…

Download the multiroom app and follow the instructions so they are connected to your WIFI.

Then follow:

I did that. But once I tried “adding a thing” it won’t find it. I have a UK hub and the speakers are not listed in the compatibility list for here. I spoke with someone from Support and they said cause it is not in the list, it won’t pair, which is disappointing.

That sucks, I don’t recall the setup of this but it may work:

I tried already that with a different speaker that supports dlna and same, speaker paired with its app and connected to the same WiFi but it won’t pair. I am just thinking if it has something to do my my router supporting UPnP stack…

Has anyone gotten the r1/wam1500 to connect to St

Yes. I have 2 working without issues for a couple of years now.

They do take quite some time to search/connect.

No go with my R1. Installed the multi speaker app. Have it configured and playing music thru the app just fine. However, SmartThings cannot find the speaker… Sad. Running a Google WiFi network and upnp is enabled.