Samsung phone as Presence senser

Hi is their an easy and reliable way to use my phone as a presence senser i am using a Samsung phone.

Easy? Sure. Here’s the method:

Presence without a hub

Reliable? Presence, no matter what method you use, is one of those things that vary greatly from household to household because of many different factors. Where you live (cell tower location, local topography like hills), how you use your phone (including how often you turn it off), local radio interference: lots of factors affect performance. So two people can have exactly the same phone model, configured exactly the same way, and presence will work great for one and be frustratingly unreliable for the other. You just have to try one method, see how it works, and if it doesn’t work well come back to the forum and people will help you troubleshoot that method or suggest another method to try.

If you do have to come back, please list the specific model of your phone and the country you are in, that can make a difference in the options available.

Hi yes, I’ve tried this method but is unreliable especially when trying to use it for arming and disarming my system .

Hi @lee_smith , My wife and I both use Samsung phones, an S20 and Note20. We’ve been using these as presence devices very reliability for as long as I can remember. What kind of phone do you have and how have you configured location permissions? Have you also set up your geofence and related hub location info?


You could use bixby routines. You can make a routine with your wifi network. If connected present if not away.

Hi i am using S20 and my partner is using S10 it dues Worke but it is not as reliably as i would like i have allowed all permissions for location was hoping there would be a more reliably way.

Best way I have found that was completely rock solid was using life360 integration on each device, but that is soon to be gone.

What seems to work just as well is using the Google home app presence detection and linking that to a virtual switch in smartthings. Pretty nice now that Google home is linkable. Trusting in wifi detection doesn’t really ever seem to be reliable. Set up each device with its own Google home location and it should work.

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