Samsung multisensor

When adding the sensor, I’m able to scan and add it to the app, but it shows it online and still labeled as kust a multi purpose sensor, even after resetting it?

Hey there! @Dan_Carter,

If you are using a Samsung Multi-Sensor have you tried adding the device by Model Code? What’s the model code of the device in question?

When you choose (+)Add Device> The option for “Search” at the top or A specific brands “Supported Devices” at the bottom of that brands page, you would then select and enter the model code to have the device setup prompts appear.

I hope this message finds you well!


yes, i believe that your st account will ‘remember’ the name of a sensor even after you remove and readd it. of course you can change it.

Tried that method as well, it still shows up on the app with the generic name and shows offline. What is strange is that it will show open or shut, when it’s activated