Samsung MultiSensor Stops Communicating

For whatever reason this device will randomly stop communicating with my hub. When I re add it, if works ok as long as I leave the cover off… I don’t get it. Anyone else see this behavior.

Edit: So I guess when the button is being held down by the cover it doesn’t communicate with my hub. If left off it updates quickly. Just thought I’d add this info…

Try waking the device and hitting refresh. It sounds like it needs to join the IAS network.

I’ll try what you said when I get home but how exactly do you wake it? It only has the cover with the single button underneath the cover.

To be clear, I’ve removed it from my hub and paired it back by holding the button down while inserting the coin battery. Shows orientation changes like normal up until the point where I put the cover on.

Obviously this device is supposed to operate with the cover on it so I’m just not sure how I could be having this issue right after I connect it to the hub since most folks would put the cover on it right after they pair it.

I appreciate the response though.

I think I figured this out. So before I put the cover on I was editing the device in its settings to work as a garage door sensor. If you make this change before putting the cover on it seemed to stop communicating. Couple that with giving the device a solid 10 minutes to communicate with the hub testing orientation and vibration, etc. It seems somewhat temperamental but maybe it’s just my device…