Samsung Multi Sensor tilt issue with new app

I have searched with no success to find an answer to this issue. Please forgive me if it has already been addressed elsewhere in this huge forum.

I have a Samsung Multi Sensor ( GP-U999SJVLEAA). It worked great as a tilt sensor in the Classic App. I spoke to Samsung support about the issue I am having this morning, and they said that the value for the tilt feature of the sensor is not supported in the new app as a possible trigger in automations.

I have tried clearing the cache and data, along with removing and reinstalling the new app, and also removing and re-adding the sensor. I have an Android Galaxy s10 plus phone.

I found one place here which suggested to go into the sensor’s settings and change the setting to “Yes” for Use on garage door. I changed that setting, and still have no choice available when using this sensor in a automation to trigger based on the tilt sensor value.

All of the sensor readings for temperature, vibration, axis numbers change as expected. I was under the impression that the Contact sensor value would read either Open or Closed based on the tilt angle of the sensor after changing the setting as I did to use as a Garage door sensor, however, when the setting is set to “Yes”, then the Contact sensor value always reads “Open”.

So, if there is a setting to use this sensor as a Garage door sensor in the new app … how do I use this as a trigger in an automation?

Thanks for your constructive input!

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I found the answer. Here is what I had to do in order for this to work:

  1. Open the IDE interface.

  2. Edit the sensor

  3. Change the device type to SmartSense Garage Door Multi

  4. Save the changes

  5. Open the settings for the sensor in the new app

  6. Change the setting value to “Yes” for the GarageSensor value

The sensor can now be used as a tilt device in an automation. The sensor values for Contact Sensor will change from Open/Closed states when the sensor is tilted.

I hope this helps anyone else who might be struggling with this.

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