Samsung Multi Sensor Shocking Battery Drain

Less than a week ago I put a Multi Sensor up in my sun room (which is an unheated mainly glass room). It was a breeze to set up and get working and I’ve been a bit taken with the ability to see, on the fly, what the temperature is in the room in addition to the status of the door state it’s attached to. Temperature is nice to know as we sometimes have guests in there and I can easily trigger a heater to kick on if we know someone is coming over.

However, as noted, I put this device up less than a week ago. Almost immediately I noticed it was at 80% battery. Meanwhile I also placed a Samsung water sensor in my basement on the same day. It’s still showing 100% battery. I then noticed that yesterday it was at 70% battery and that was a bit concerning… until today. Now it’s showing as 50% battery.

Is the cold weather having an impact on the battery? Is it really going to need to be replaced every couple of weeks (which would make it entirely unusable)?

If it’s due to all the drastic reporting of temp shifts, is there a way to tell it to not report temperature? Would that save battery?

Or is this perhaps a defective battery or unit?


This may not be the exact issue you’re facing, but something is definitely wrong with the way some ST-branded sensors are reporting battery life since a hub firmware update was pushed a couple months ago.

Zigbee devices report battery voltage as a hex number (1C=2.8 volts) which is converted to a percentage (of what?) by the DTH. That conversion from voltage to a percentage is arbitrary. Additionally, the device may send a voltage number that varies from a volt meter reading.

I researched the voltage conversion in the Multi Sensor DTH and IMHO it’s not a pretty picture. More here

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One other thing is the OTA firmware update as well. If it’s new then there’s a high chance that’s what killed the battery. Leave the sensor close to the hub for a few hours when first added.
I don’t have the newest model but my first gen multi sensors don’t have the battery issue just sudden death. 2 died after a year.

As I’ve unfortunately had zig bee range issues I’m going to go with it’s simply too far from the hub. If you move it closer to the hub or add in a repeater such as a zigbee plugin outlet I have a feeling your problems will go away


I have the same - 50% battery after 3 days in -6 Celsius. It might be a common problem with the battery performance drop with the low temperature.

No fix yet?

Ate 2 name brand batts in less than a week? 1st batt lasted well over a year…