Samsung Motion Sensors - why so poor?

I have 2 motion sensors types in my house from Samsung:
model: 3325-S
manufacturer: CentraLite

  • Great sensitivity for my needs, but 1 in 2 or 3 fail and hve to be returned… so very poor quality

manufacturer: SmartThings
model: motionv4

  • The most awful sensitivity I have ever seen in any motion sensor

So now I’ve given up on Samsung motion sensors and am looking at 3rd party.
The Aeon one I also found pretty poor for a small room. Ie the original Samsung one covered the room, the aeon one doesn’t, so now going to try the Fibaro one…

My simple needs are:

  • Good coverage
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Some actual QA/QC in the product

Fingers crossed.

I am not sure if there is sensitivity setting rather than just pointing it at certain direction. I have two Xiaomi and one GE motion sensors. The GE one is more reliable and is zwave plus. It also has an option for external power. Otherwise, it comes with a pretty big size battery. The Xiaomi one is running on CR2450. I have one keep getting disconnected recently but it may be just a battery issue. The other one is working great. I use it to control the Christmas tree light. It is on between 6pm and 11pm only when someone is around.

I have 3 Ecolink Zwave, (actually the gen. 1, 2.0, not the 2.5), and they have worked great for 15 months…and still on the same battery. It has 2 “pet” settings, and refresh/reset time is about 4 minutes. There is a test mode that some people are using that is about 3 seconds for refresh/reset…I haven’t tried it but assume it uses more battery.