Samsung “Home Hub” announced for 2022

As @milandjurovic71 mentioned in another thread, at CES 2022, Samsung announced a new tablet style display device they are calling the “Samsung home hub,“ which looks very much like a smaller version of the display on the front of their smart refrigerator.

Note that it has neither Zigbee nor Z wave radios, and at the time of release, will not even integrate with third party Wi-Fi home automation. It’s just going to run the Samsung “services“ like their smart appliances. They did have a brief mention of Matter, but no timeline and no promises.

Here’s a good article:

Samsung Electronics today announced the launch of Samsung Home Hub, a new way to manage home appliances with an innovative, tablet-style touchscreen device

So… it’s just a tablet with Bixby and the ST app installed?

As far as I can see, yes, except it has two speakers and two microphones? And it appears to be a crippled version of the smartthings app, but I didn’t see a lot of detail on that part yet.

I think it’s just an app player for that particular app. But again, I’m not sure on the app details.

There’s a worse version !!!


The app looks identical to the Android app to me (though I don’t have any of those services installed).

I’m sure I’m not the target demographic here, but I don’t see how this competes with a Fire tablet and SharpTools/ActionTiles. Maybe if this flavor of the app put a more useful dashboard interface front and center (something along the lines of the universal remote in labs, but more configurable).


As far as I know this is coming to Korea first and then potentially other countries to follow. But yeah, basically looks like a dedicates tablet with extra mics that runs the Android SmartThings app. Which may not be a bad thing form factor wise.

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The screenshots do as far as the screens they’ve shown us, but they’ve also said that at launch there’s no way to add, for example, a lock or a sensor or a video doorbell. That those things might come later. So that’s part of what I meant by “crippled,“ it just doesn’t have the full functionality of the regular smartthings app. Yet.

The Home Hub combines six SmartThings services: Cooking, Clothing Care, Air, Pet, Energy and Home Care Wizard into one AI-based service

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Surely it is for the Korean Market only ?

Initial release for Korea, but they exhibited it at CES and all of the sample screens are in English so if it’s successful in Korea I expect they will roll it out elsewhere as well.

From the official announcement:

Samsung Home Hub will be available in Korea in March, and globally after that.

They specifically mentioned Korea, the US, and the UK.

I wonder if they’re building in any way to limit which devices can be controlled. I wouldn’t want something sitting on the kitchen counter to be able to do everything the app on my phone can do. I can picture one of the neighbor kids burning up my pool pump or setting off the burglar alarm.

At launch it won’t control any devices other than the Samsung smart appliances, not even light switches. That’s all in the “coming soon“ category.

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Oy vey. How useful. On a positive note, that makes it safer than the Alexa and Google integrations.

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Samsung Air Na in the UK
The pet thing… no comment
Energy only applicable to Samsung devices
It really is a very limited market due to being agnostic to its own brand and hobled availability of products

in the Uk there is 1 nationwide store brand that is accessible to the general public, they have no ST products, there are other places of course but most are internet stores only

A standalone ST controler has such limited useage i doubt it will ever be sold in the Uk or if it is… it will have a very limited shelf life

Even if they made it capable of controlling outlets, Smartthings in the UK has zero visibility, there products and brand vanished after they ceased manufacture of the v2 hub and accompanying products