Samsung HD Pro - SD Card?

(Bobby Thompson) #1

I’ve got my cam working in ST (finally).

Today an alarm was set off (shouldn’t have been, but my system for some reason won’t auto disable on returning home), and video recorded.

I was hoping the video would auto save to the SD card but that didn’t happen. Since I’m using iOS I have no way to retrieve the videos otherwise.

Is there any way to have it save the video to the card when ST triggers it?

(Larry) #2

I don’t use them on st… for one reason that 4 cameras limit and even that many with the constant video spooling saturates my wifi network.

I just set the location and event setup in the camera and that auto records to sd card and I can go in and look at any time… It is not coordinated with an alarm… but should be recording anyway at the same time if there is motion.

(Bobby Thompson) #3

There is motion in the area my camera is setup several times a day, which is why I prefer the ST setup (I already had a motion compatible camdra system, but found it too unreliable to bother checking alerts)…