Samsung goes after Apple at home with new Connect Home hub

Hmmmm … any thought on this potential conflict disturbance in the force?


well, this is interesting… maybe this is what all of the secrecy is about at ST…


any comments? Is ST going the way of the Do-Do?

We’ve been working on this one for awhile :wink:

This is a SmartThings branded hub @bamarayne.


soooo… are we looking at ST Hub Ver 3.0?

or is Samsung going to run Two platforms?


I don’t think you’ll see this referred to as Hub v3, but that’s up to the marketing gurus.

This connects up as a standard SmartThings Hub, so it’ll leverage our platform.

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Is it faster though? More memory?

Battery backup?

This is the first I’ve seen about any of this…

Are there going to be changes to the open platform?
Will there be an affect on the developers?
Will this phase out Hub V2 like V2 did V1?
It comes with a new App, what about everything we have going on now in the ST app?
Are we going to be able to migrate?
Will we have to eventually change over to this?

Yes, Lots of questions…


Samsung just announced a new app for Samsung phones called Samsung connect. Whats more interesting is they have announced a Mesh Router called Samsung Connect Home that will come with a built in Smartthings Hub!

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Does anyone have any info on these wifi routers, /slash/ smartthings hubs?
Unveiled at unpacked.
-wifi routers
-acts as smarthings hub

dare I ask … any thoughts about a migration tool ! ?


Is it any better at being a SmartThings hub than V2? Can it be purchased just for hub use and wifi can be disabled?


I’m still a bit confused @slagle

What exactly is this? Is it a V2 hub with a mesh WiFi capability?

I’m very leery of a combination wifi router and HA hub in the same box. Having dealt with Securifi A+ and all the issues with ZigBee & 2.4G WiFi interference due to the radios being in such close proximity. While I am sure I will be contradicted by many, I will remained convinced that the reason V2 hub and even Hue Bridge do not have WiFi radios is due to the 2.4g interference .


Some info here:

And mention of Bluetooth as well.

From my understanding this is suppose to offer better SmartThings range?

Interesting…I wonder how HA will function if multiple units are set up (being they are also being offered in packs of 3)? Will one unit function as the HA hub for ST, or will all the units within the ‘mesh’ communicate with each other enabling a better overall range? I have my WiFi extended to an outbuilding (garage, shop, and bar), and would love to enable HA there without the issues with range or separate ST accounts…

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Come on ST, you knew we’d be asking questions :wink:

How are you not prepared for this?

We need info!


Right, there should have been a prepped word doc for cut and paste :smiley:


So is each unit a zigbee/zwave repeater as well? how does this work!?

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cool? I am so confused… or curious or well heck I am not sure how to feel.