Samsung Family Hub Shopping List Autocorrect

Okay, we just purchased a Samsung Smart Fridge with the Family Hub addition, and we’re messing around with the shopping list.

Obviously, we’d love everything to be interconnected, but there’s one feature of their shopping list that makes me insane.

We buy mulitple types of certain products (ex: dairy free and normal cheese) or are particular about which brand we get. In precious shopping list apps, we’d specify the brand and move on.

However, this fridge-integrated one refuses to stop autocorrecting our items. “Violife cheddar slices” becomes “cheddar slices”. Then, we have to go back in and manually edit it. There’s gotta be a way to stop the weird food autocorrect since it takes more resources to do than not do. It’s so annoying and half the reason we bought the expensive fridge with the literal tablet inside it was for shopping list stuff.

Is there a toggle or way we can stop it??


I have the same issue. After adding a specific entry to the shopping list, it will place it in the ‘Other’ category cause it does not know what to do with it right away. 20-30 minutes later, the item will move to a specific category, but with a generic title. Makes me friggin’ crazy.

When the family goes shopping, they don’t know what specific battery I asked for for because the ‘CR1632 battery’, was auto corrected to batteries.

I am loosing my patience with this family hub adn the many quirks and changes made that no longer fit my needs.

There is a ‘shop rite’ app that I can’t get rid of. …THERE IS NO SHOP RITE IN MY AREA!