Samsung dropping things from App

I have been a SmartThings user since version one and have noticed a disturbing trend since the Samsung take over. As the application is updated Samsung is dropping non Samsung products, or products that are not paying Samsung. I recently bought a new router and had to re-intergrate SmartThings and other devices into my home. The first thing I noticed that was dropped with native support for DLink Cameras. When you go into add things, Dlink used to be there as a native camera to add. Now there is just Samsung SmartCams and Netgear. The second thing is Sonos, again Sonos used to be supported natively. Now the app only shows, you guessed it, Samsung Multiroom speakers and Bose. I shouldn’t have to venture over to GitHub to see if someone has written a device routine for things that used to be native.

I think they were moved under the heading smartthings labs at the bottom of the (light bulbs, locks,…list), because they have always been “experimentally” supported not officially supported.


thanks will look for them there

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