Samsung door / window sensor $20 Amazon

Hah. I didn’t see those, but I don’t know if they’re what I’m looking for anyway.

We have a slide chain but the worry is that sometimes I go into work at midnight for updating IT systems and can’t lock the chain on the way out the door.

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I’ve used these. You can lock on the way out and unlock from outside to get back in. Helps keep little ones safe.

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My smartthings main purpose is to keep tabs on the little ones lol. We have pendants turn bright red if one of the kids doors opens while we’re sleeping, and voice announcements if their doors open “after bedtime”, the door chime for exterior doors during the day. Kids are sneaky!


So glad I was young before this stuff existed…


Now $16.99 at both Amazon and Best Buy. Links above…let the games begin!.

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At $17 I’m in for one multipurpose sensor. Thanks.

I got one and stuck it in my mailbox to stress-test against my barely functioning Iris. @$17, I might actually get another as a front door knock sensor.

If you’re just looking for a contact sensor, around that price I’d get the Visonic. I’ve found them to be very reliable, and they have a very nice slim/low-profile form-factor, about as small and sleek as there is for a mounted contact sensor. If you want/need the other multisensor stuff then go w/the ST of course.

For 1 price is $17.99, 2 or more they are $16.99

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Just bought one extra. These sensors work great

I just saw your message, but it looks like that price was only for about 8 hours. It wasn’t even a lightning deal. I’m sure it’ll drop again and I’ll snag a couple more.

$20 Price is valid for the month of November on Lowe’s. Use a 20off100 or 40off200 code to drop final price to $16 each

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That’s even better, but they appear to be sold out at the moment. I’d have to buy 5 to get that price anyway. No big deal, the season is just getting started.

Still $16.99 at Best Buy. In store only though.

Conveniently I just replaced 10 windows & only had 5 Iris contacts left. This worked out perfectly.

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I suspect this is because SmartThings is refreshing their packaging. I suspect we’ll see similar sales on ST other devices soon too.

Agreed. Fingers crossed.

That was my theory. These sensors have been plagued by issues and it always seems to be related to the battery. The newer centralite door sensors use CR2 batteries so my guess is a variant of this will be the new ST multi sensor -

The sensor just went back to $16.99 on Amazon, so I just got a couple more.