Samsung developing entire new OS

If you have a Hub V2, isn’t it sorta Beta still, anyway? Well… I guess the MCU or SOC isn’t.

I guess much of this is “market seeking” (and market fragmentation) behavior. If SmartThings is destined to be consumer segment only, for a lot longer, then that leaves plenty of other areas to compete. Tizen IoT = Brillo?

I thought the tech industry moved fast; and yet HomeKit, Thread and such seem to be going nowhere. Waiting for the critical mass of… what, exactly? Consumer adoption?

Commercial and industrial are much larger markets. I’m admittedly completely in the dark here.

Wondering if SDC Conference fee is worthwhile. At least I live nearby. Wish I could just present a paper or something…

If you remember, Bluetooth and USB took several years to develop and another 3 years before they were widely adopted by the industry. Bluetooth versions 1.0 and 1.0B were actually flops. Unfortunately, things don’t move as fast as we wish.

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Not ridiculous at all when you consider the future state of HA appears to be Television centric (Fire TV’s, Samsung offering ST in their new lineup, Apple TV, etc.).

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