Samsung Connect - No "Marketplace"

Hello. Novice question here. I’ve had my Samsung Connect App setup since I bought the 3 pack of WiFi mesh routers last year. Up until now, I’ve just had two First Alert zCombo detectors, which were easy to add. Today I setup a Honeywell RTH9595WF thermostat, got it working and programmed through Honeywell TCC. I searched how to add it into my Smartthings, and every reference said go to “Marketplace” and add “Things.” I see no reference to Marketplace or Things anywhere in the Samsung Connect App. Any guidance is appreciated.

At this point in time the Samsung Connect app is separate from the SmartThings app. In SC you add devices via the device tab and the + button in the upper left. But it doesn’t look like that thermostat is compatible through Samsung Connect.

Thanks. Downloaded the Smartthings App, and had no problem at all. Thermostat now appears in Samsung Connect App after installing it in Smartthings App, but you can’t control it through Connect. Looks like dual apps for now. Thanks so much for the help.