Samsung Connect Home/SmartThings WiFi Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.38.11

We will be rolling out Samsung SmartThings Hub firmware version 0.38.11 to Samsung Connect Home and SmartThings WiFi devices on Monday, October 18th. This firmware update is for the SmartThings Hub portion of these devices and does not affect the router functionality. Once downloaded, the SmartThings portion of your hub will briefly go offline as the update is applied; during this time the router portion of the device will continue to function. We will update the status page when the release is complete.

Hub Target:

  • All Samsung Connect Home Models
  • Samsung SmartThings WiFi

Release Date: 18 October 2021 ~ 19 October 2021

Note that this release may be spread out over a few days, so you may not see your Hub update the first day of the release period.

Release Notes


SmartThings Edge

  • Enablement of SmartThings Edge Driver Functionality

Zigbee Enhancements

  • Firmware update for the Schlage BE468GB

Z-Wave Enhancements

  • Auto “Ghost Node” Cleanup – ”Ghost Nodes” are Z-Wave Nodes that do not match with a device that exists in the SmartThings App. When a Ghost Node is removed, a hub event is observable in the SmartThings IDE: zw removed device: XX, where XX is the Z-Wave Node of the removed Ghost Node. Ghost Node deletion starts within 24 hours of a hub reboot or update and occurs periodically.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Is it silly how excited i am about this? I hope it will fix a number of issues (local exec, ghost node) im experiencing.

Also kudos to the release team with the alert and updates. Looks well run. Hope it all goes well!

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Well, my hub has been updated to 38.11 and I have drivers for virtual devices and hello world installed, but doing discovery doesn’t result in finding any new devices.

Not sure why my hub shows a potential higher firmware version than what was just released.

You most likely have a V2, V3 or Aeotec hub, not the wifi mesh hubs in this release.

Yep it’s a v3, will I need new hardware to take advantage of the edge drivers or is it coming to the V3 later?

Thanks for the reply.

V3 already supported Edge drivers. Firmware 38.X and above supports them.


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