Samsung Connect Home/SmartThings WiFi Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.35.5

Issues with offline devices

New incident: Investigating

Beginning yesterday, April 2nd, at around 3pm UTC, some users may have begun experiencing issues with hubs and devices appearing as offline in the app. We are currently investigating and will provide updates as available.

Time posted

Apr 3, 18:02 UTC

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This is a platform wide issue. :disappointed_relieved: It’s not just you. This has now been posted to the status page as well.


Issues with offline devices

Incident status: Identified

We have identified the cause of the issue and are currently taking corrective actions. We will update this post once the issue is fully resolved.

Time posted

Apr 3, 19:09 UTC

Issues with offline devices

Incident resolved

The issues with hubs and devices appearing as offline in the app have been resolved. Please contact us via if you have any questions.

Time posted

Apr 3, 19:50 UTC

This is working for me now. Just have to add all of my devices back.

Yes, all work now

Mine are working as well. I’m really looking forward to the next upgrade in two days! :roll_eyes:


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My SmartThings WiFi now doesn’t work correctly.
The main unit is online, but all slave units are offline. I tried both ethernet and WiFi and they do not work. Resetting the units did not fix it.


Edit: seemed to be a DNS issue again. It’s really annoying that the functionality of these devices’ mesh depends on the WAN.

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