Samsung Connect Home and Logitech Harmony Hub

I bought this to replace my AT&T gateway, Also a current smart hub owner, the problem I’m having is My Harmony will connect to wifi but not to the internet? If I put the connect home in bridge mode and let my router handle the DHCP it will work.but when I make the Connect Home the router it stops working, I have even tried the port forwarding as suggested by Logitech doesn’t work.
Any help on this would be awesome.

Wait…back up. You bought a Samsung Connect and Logitech Harmony to replace your AT&T Gateway? Why do you need the Logitech to replace your gateway. You know what the harmony hub does, right? You aren’t very clear what your current setup is. What is wired to what? You also mention a router…is this the same device as “AT&T gateway”? You can’t have two devices proving DHCP services on the same network. When you switch from one to the other, are you turning off the first? If so, are you changing the wiring? Maybe a diagram showing what is connected to what would help.

I all ready had the harmony. i just purchased the connect home. And I’m trying to get away from the AT&T router.

The set up that works is AT&T router supplies the DHCP the Samsung connect is in bride mode it supplies just the WiFi no routing, Harmony hub works.

This set up doesn’t work, AT&t Gateway on pass-through so I can use the Samsung connects router instead, I can connect the harmony hub to the connect’s home WiFi but no internet on the harmony hub when in this mode, I even opened the ports for the harmony as suggested by their website.

Did you enable the DHCP on the samsung connect? Did you reboot the Harmony after doing that? The IP address will most likely change because of the new DHCP server.

Yes all that and more, It seems to be that the connect home won’t let the harmony hub call home. all my other wireless devices all 68 work fine. just the harmony…needs to work to lazy to turn it on by hand.

And you set it for the new Wifi settings and it connects correctly?

yes it connects to WiFi.

Do you have to tell the harmony hub what it’s gateway is manually? I’m not familiar with the setup of the harmony so you’ll have to forgive me. But can you reset the harmony to factory and start over like it’s brand new? If you say this is the only device that can’t get to the internet then it’s gotta be a Harmony issue.

The harmony hub is a simple WiFi set up, but it keeps your configuration online so you need to be able to call out to get it, And I have factory reset it and it doesn’t help.

Then call Logitech.