Samsung - Connect Home AC1300 Mesh Wi-Fi System (3-pack) - White $99 at BestBuy on eBay & Amazon

and at BesyBuy

The eBay and Amazon deals have ended for this item but the Best Buy deal is still valid :slight_smile:

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Also available at Newegg and BHphotovideo

Has anyone used these? What’s the feedback?

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I have these and think the WiFi extending works great. I am having issues with a smart lock though, does anyone know if the pucks are beaming?

Yes, the “pucks” act as Z-wave and ZigBee repeaters as long as you have recent firmware (it’s a recent improvement)… I assume they support beaming since they have recent Z-wave code, but have no proof.

Thanks, having issues with a lock and I thought that was it’ not sure anymore. My lock is highlighted blue in the app mad doesn’t respond to commands.

Mine is working fine with an older Schlage lock (BE369 I think), except for setting user codes (I’m using the standard z-wave lock handler).

Is there a replacement coming out for this set? They’re dumping them at a low price for a reason.

So I purchased this and as you know this has a hub built into it. Now is there a way to move everything from my V2 to this hub easily or do I have to remove everything and start from scratch? I do not think I need 2 hubs in my house.

A long weekend with no other plans and copius amounts of liquid courage.

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I was afraid you were going to say that…(crying on the inside)