Samsung announces SmartThings Cloud

Nope. Error:500: Internal Server Error Can't delete my Location

Still no help from ST here. But lets look at support from two other companies that want your custom.

I emailed Ring doorbell about a small problem and where I could buy theVideo Doorbell Corner Kit.
Not only did they solve my problem, but sent me out a Video Doorbell Corner Kit FREE of charge.
I went and got a new Ring doorbell 2 because of this. And I will be buying their new Spot light cam when it comes out.

My Echo dot that I had for 14 months started to play up.
I contacted amazon support and they told me to send it back and they would send me a new one.
That is outstanding support. I’ve got 2 Echo shows on pre-order.


Again… I don’t dispute that you get an error, nor that some companies provide extremely responsive support…

But surely: doesn’t just close your ticket with you having a non-functional Hub?

Please help me understand?

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You can see by the link I posted I’ve revived no help here.
And UK support couldn’t help. Nothing more I can do.

Sorry that no one replied to your initial question in the other thread you posted.

The answer is, no, this forum is not an official support channel for SmartThings. It’s a community forum that ST staff sometimes participate in.

So if you never actually contacted support as @tgauchat suggested, you may still find that they can help you.


@anon36505037 @marktheknife

I’ve already said I contacted support (by email and chat UK). I hope this is clear now?
This why I call it rubbish.

I suppose it’s more clear now, but above and in your other thread you only referred to chat support.

It’s clear to me that you used email and chat.

Please understand that I’m not disputing you account of the incident; but rather that I’m personally having trouble personally believing that they didn’t help you, except that I am probably missing key details.

And, genuinely, I’m not just curious, no…

Rather, I think there is a possibility that SmartThings Support misunderstood the problem or requirement you had (which would be sub-optimal, but at least not negligent or disrespectful), and in such a case, Community members might be able to help you communicate or escalate the problem in a way that gets a satisfactory solution.

SmartThings Support has a mission but also has limitations. They don’t directly assist with developer issues or any Community DTH or SmartApp, for example; it’s not in their scope.

But what you described sounds like something they should have assisted and resolved, or escalated, or gave a clear unambiguous explanation.

Support management is always looking for ways to improve; … as far as resources permit.


As I’ve said…there is a thread here and support know about it.
ST team do come on here as I posted a thread about a new Hub.
They was fast in the thread to say there was no new hub coming.

And as for support in the UK, today I thought I would phone ST support.
WRONG when I get the option and press the number 8 on my phone.
A nice lady say “sorry blah blah blah use either the chat or email support”

So I tried chat “sorry there is no one here” pmsl
so I sent a email about the error problem and the multi sensor battery @100% problem.
I may be buying a Athom Homey next week and give my ST to my worst enemy :wink:

The Community Forum is not an official Support Channel. Anything you get here from Support is a bonus, but it does not track to a Support Desk Ticket, so any responses may be incorrect or incomplete.

The only thing that counts is the status of your actual Support Tickets (or perhaps Support Chat … I’ve never bothered with Chat).

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Yes the old chestnut "Community Forum " "we are here to let you all moan so you don’t go and moan else where"
Every Samsung forum is the same…

It’s owned and run by ST and who is owned by Samsung…but they are never here.

No one’s forcing you to participate in the community forum. Personally, I get a lot out of this forum whether or not ST staff are involved.

It’s hard to be more clear, this forum isn’t a component of ST tech support.

Your grievances may be otherwise legitimate. They don’t match up with my experience, but I’m in the US so maybe we got lucky with the quality of our support staff here, as compared to the U.K.


The world is getting very cloudy.


…with a chance of meatballs :smiley: