Samsung 6s and MM 6.0.1 and now missing information in the app

(David) #1

For the last week things have been fine, then all of a sudden 2 days ago things started acting strange as follows -

  1. Front door access recent activity no longer shows any information for lock and unlock yet all settings are the same and nothing has changed,.

  2. Under Notifications / Activity Feed, all activity is now gone, nothing is there yet it still shows up under messages.

  3. Seems that when unlocking or locking the front door, sometimes I don’t get any information about either lock or unlock for a good 30 mins sometimes it shows up the next day

  4. Presence update seems to take hours to figure out either we are home or not.

  5. Managing user’s showed no information for the 2 user’s I have setup for 2 days, today all of a sudden they show up

  6. Under Dashboard Home the Smoke Alarms show up fine, however setting up to monitor the front door lock does not show anything at all. In fact it never has shown up there even though its set to monitor.

Yes I have un-installed the app, re-installed the app and still having issue’s. On the bright side my Nexus 9 with MM 6.0.1 seems to work flawlessly and all data I mentioned above shows up fine. Seems something other than the phone or app loaded is the cause here seeing how the user’s info comes and goes without doing anything on my part but checking to see if they are there.


(Ben Edwards) #2

Looking at this. I have confirmed at least some behaviors with my Note5. Have you sent this as a support ticket? It is the best way that we can track and get engineering looking at it.

(David) #3

Note sure I know how to do a support ticket just yet, Still wrapping my head around this and the forum…



Email them at

Be sure to let them know the email address associated with your ST account/hub since this is the first time for ya’. Then you can use this as well: (in the US)

(David) #5

Awesome will do thanks!

(Stuart Buchanan) #6

also tell them in the email that you give them permission to look at your account otherwise there will be a delay whilst they ask and you respond