Samotech and 3A compatibilty after 31/12/22

How can I confirm that my system is using the appropriate edge drivers rather than the older DTH due to be turned off shortly.

I use several Samotech SM309 and 3A Nue RBGW strip controllers in 2 locations. They work great using ‘standard built in’ drivers rather than 3rd party. Thank you.

Open the device in the App. In the upper right corner click on 3 dots. If Driver is an option you are using an Edge Driver.

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Thanks Paul, they are NOT showing the ‘Driver’ option as you explain, but then neither are the majority of my devices that are the original samsung Motion sensors and Multifunction sensors.

I’ve read that there’s no easy way to force these to Edge drivers apart from removing and re-adding.

You are correct the manual method involves removing and repairing each device.