Same entity not allowed in both IF and THEN

Why is it not allowed in the native rules to say:
IF Trigger A happens AND Device B is On THEN turn Off Device B

Once a device is mentioned in the IF, it is removed from the list devices to use in the THEN. I understand that it is possible for the user to inadvertently set up an infinite loop, but that’s part of the learning curve. It’s possible to use the same device in both places in a good way that avoids a spiral.

Before someone tells me why not just turn off Device B anyway when Trigger A is true, I might be wanting to also write:
IF Trigger A happens AND Device B is Off THEN turn On Device B

Just use webcore

Thanks. I should have made it clear I know about various workarounds, but really wanted to know the reason it was specifically disallowed natively. I mean someone had to have made that design decision, since someone had to add the programming for taking it out of the list.

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True, but it was not the community… and questions like this Samsung typically does not respond to, but it’s likely because 90% of its users don’t use it. The other10% should use webcore.

Oh well I’ll email them. I thought maybe sometimes they comment on a post and I thought others might be interested in the answer. If I get one I will post it.