Safety Lights and Light Efficiency.. Oh yeah, and I'm new to this

So, like many of the projects take on, I choose to do something that is “simple” but behavioral in fashion so that I can teach myself how to program in the language. I already know several languages but this is one of the few that appears to be solely event based with no means of looping or being able to run a timed cycle run.

So I reach out the community to give me a bit of a pointer in the right direction. Any input, links, references, etc would be helpful.

What I am trying to accomplish is a lighting setup for my front door. I have an indoor light dimmer and an outdoor light dimmer, I also have a contact sensor on that same door. On both sides of this door are motion sensors (multi-sensors) that I want to have illuminate only if the light detected by the light sensor is below a certain threshold and motion is detected.

-If Mode changes to Night turn ON outside dimmer to 40%.
-If Motion is then active, set outside dimmer to 100%.
–If Motion is then inactive, return to 40%
-If Motion is active && contact Opens, set inside dimmer to 100% (also while outside dimmer remained the 100%).
-If Door closes, and motion is detected inside the door return outside dimmer to 40% && set inside dimmer to 40%.
–If Motion is inactive inside, set inside dimmer to 0%.
-If Mode changes to Home, then only perform these options when the light sensors are detecting anything below 50lux.

I am trying to learn how to do device value checks while in the handler for another device. I have tried looking for subscriptions where when values change that they write to a global variable to then have any state change be able to use the same data, but I have really found a lot of action/reaction only and not many staged functions.

Again, any help would be appreciated.

What you are wanting to do is very possible and there are a lot of code examples available that do something similar to what you want. The smartapp templates in and searching github for smartthings should provide plenty of examples to get you started and should fill in the blanks.

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I thought I had gone through all of the example templates. I will give it another look.


If you just want it work w/o reinventing the wheel there is this:

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Oh bejeezus… I highly doubt that this script had zero copy and pasting involved…

Trying the App now through the IDE. Seeing if it something to my liking. Thanks!