Ryobi Model GD200 Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener API

(Joe Polito) #1

anybody working on or have an API to integrate this opener to ST?

(Greg) #2

Bump… I have installed two Ryobi GDO’s (Garage Door Openers - GD200). Love the functionality but didn’t realize my existing Linear GD00Z-4 controllers would not work with the Ryobi system. (see this thread: Linear GD00Z (Garage Controller) and Wall Switch (with Motion Detector)).

If there was another way to get control of my GDO’s in smartthings I would love to hear it.

(John P) #3

Can’t find any other updates or requests, but I sure would love to control my Ryobi garage doors with SmartThings… Anyone have any ideas?

(Justin Dybedahl) #4

See here for some information on how to get started. I’ve had some luck with the device handler but I’m still hashing this out. It will require a raspberry pi or similar device running a node.js service.

(Justin Dybedahl) #5

Added the device handler that interfaces with the node.js proxy.

(matthew t.) #6

This works great! Only issue i found was in the device handler:

        attributeState "closing", label:'Door Closing', action:"doorclose", icon:"st.Home.home2", backgroundColor:"#00a0dc", nextState:"on"
		attributeState "opening", label:'Door Opening', action:"dooropen", icon:"st.Home.home2", backgroundColor:"#79b821", nextState:"off"

I’m not sure if you intended for the nextStage to be on and off… I changed mine to closed and open, respectively.

Thanks for all the hard work, and i hope everything went well with the new baby!

(Justin Dybedahl) #7

Thanks. In my haste I didn’t change those. I’ve updated the github repository with those values. Thank you for letting me know and I’m glad it’s working for you.