Ryobi Model GD200 Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener API

anybody working on or have an API to integrate this opener to ST?

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Bump… I have installed two Ryobi GDO’s (Garage Door Openers - GD200). Love the functionality but didn’t realize my existing Linear GD00Z-4 controllers would not work with the Ryobi system. (see this thread: Linear GD00Z (Garage Controller) and Wall Switch (with Motion Detector)).

If there was another way to get control of my GDO’s in smartthings I would love to hear it.

Can’t find any other updates or requests, but I sure would love to control my Ryobi garage doors with SmartThings… Anyone have any ideas?

See here for some information on how to get started. I’ve had some luck with the device handler but I’m still hashing this out. It will require a raspberry pi or similar device running a node.js service.

Added the device handler that interfaces with the node.js proxy.

This works great! Only issue i found was in the device handler:

        attributeState "closing", label:'Door Closing', action:"doorclose", icon:"st.Home.home2", backgroundColor:"#00a0dc", nextState:"on"
		attributeState "opening", label:'Door Opening', action:"dooropen", icon:"st.Home.home2", backgroundColor:"#79b821", nextState:"off"

I’m not sure if you intended for the nextStage to be on and off… I changed mine to closed and open, respectively.

Thanks for all the hard work, and i hope everything went well with the new baby!

Thanks. In my haste I didn’t change those. I’ve updated the github repository with those values. Thank you for letting me know and I’m glad it’s working for you.