Running water sensor?

I’ve had one too many times where the flush tank runs or somebody forgot to completely turn off the faucet and I end up with a big water bill. Does anyone know of a way to detect this and send an alert?
My township reads my water meter remotely but I don’t think I can tap into that in any way. The meter in the basement does have a numeric (not digital) readout with a spinning thing that spins when water is running.
I do not want to cut the water main to install anything in it’s path.

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If you are lucky it may have a built-in spinning magnet for which you can read pulses with a SmartSense Multi. usually the magnet is too small to actuate the reed switch contacts in the Multi.

I think the best solution is a watermeter with the contacts built-in, usually by a reed switch mounted on the face of the meter. 3/4" residential size for potable water would be $60-200 or less if you go Chinese/Alibaba. Installation may be non-trivial plumbing.

I’m pretty interested in this myself but have yet to pipe a meter in. Great for leak notification.

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Thanks for the tip on the magnet, turns out it does have a spinning magnet that I can detect with a compass app on a cheap Android. I’m going to try and write an app that monitors the magnetic field changes and send a trigger message to ST. If that works then I’ll just tape the Android phone to the water meter and pretty much use that as the sensor !

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GoControl/Linear/Nortek announced one this week for CES 2016. No ship date. Could be awhile?